How to get more info on melamine issue

I talked a lot about melamine these few days. Yeah, I admit that. Anyway, it’s all about melamine and munchy’s anyway. Maybe I should consider Aeropama’s proposal on me running for Ministry of Health office. Oh hell no..I don’t want to wind up with any sex scandals.LOL

Anyway, anyone who haven’t read about Munchy’s issues, you can refer to my previous post on Munchy’s contiminated by melamine? and More munchy’s & melamine issues.

After a comment from d2z which suggests me that someone sent a list of products free of melamine, I realized I was only giving info on munchy’s contaminated by melamine and not how to get more information or clarification on the issue. Actually I did, but I’m saving for this post :razz:

So if you have any issues on the melamine cases,  you can call the “Melamine Call Center” that was set up by the Health Mnistry.

03 – 8883 3655 & 03 – 8883 3652 (Monday to Friday – 8 AM till 9 PM)

03 – 8883 3500 & 03 – 8883 3503 (Everyday including public holidays – 8 AM till 5 PM)

And I also got the latest list on product clearance fo melamine. You can download it here or here. The list was last updated on 13th October 2008 and trust me, it’s the latest one available as yet this post written.

For more updated information that you can check from time to time, please refer to both websites from Ministry of Health.

If you find this post is useful, please fave it to Negaraku or share it on your blog or any other DIGG sites. Spread the lourve !!!!!!!! :grin:

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