How to optimize blog loading time part 1

I know website optimization is an important thing is maintaining a blog or a website. I have a lot of complaints last time from the readers that my blog has a slow loading time and I hope that now it’s fixed. Well, the problem is mainly from the pictures that I put on the shareapic host which pays me for every unique visit.

Does this mean I ditched out shareapic all together ? Nope, instead I took a work around for it. I place my image on my hosting but I linked the picture to my shareapic gallery. This way, the first time it loads, it will load it from my hosting but when my visitors click it for the full view, it will redirect to shareapic site.

So, how do I found out that shareapic is causing all the slow time load? Well, I used 2 websites to help me on that. Let’s start with the first website in this part and I’ll show you the other in the other part.

Checking your entity loadtime

The first one is to check the load time of every single entity in your page. This is a tool that I got from Pingdom website. You can view the site [ here ].

Step 1 – Put full URL of your website or blog


Put your full URL into the box and click “Test Now”. Optionally, you can check “Save Test” to save the result for your future reference.

Step 2 – Analyzing the result


click for bigger picture

You can see in the picture above, there are 4 key elements that you need to find.

  • load time in seconds
  • URL (basically this is the URL for the entity on your website)
  • size
  • sort by.

Basically, items with bigger size tend to load slower but there are things to consider when judging it. If the file is small but it takes a long time to load, this means the site that it’s originating from is very slow. I’ll leave that to your imagination on how to judge them but it’s all common sense though. I’ll give you the rules of thumb for it.

Smaller size files = faster loading time
Bigger size files = slower loading time
Small size but files but with slow loading time = something’s wrong !

You can sort it by the size of the entity or the loading time. By now, you can make your desicion on taking out the slowest loading time and took out the relevant entity according to the URL.

Step 3 – Check your loading time


Below the list of entity, you will find the loading time of your site or blog as well as well other helpful information on the left and the track of your loading time (if you checked the “Save Test” option). You can also send the result to an email account for reference.

Keep tweaking your blog until you get the desired loading time. It’s best to keep the loading time under 10 seconds although I’m not sure the connection that was used by the website to get the loading time.

That’s it folks. Enjoy the tutorial and feel free to comment. :lol:
I’ll see you on part 2 of the tutorial.

P/S : What screws my blog at the moment


Currently I noticed the load time is pretty acceptable and I’m comparing it with Noktah Hitam’s. At the moment, I’m figuring the index page is too big and since I’m not HTML literate as NH, I might as well change to a new theme (which is still in planning).

Another thing that obviously slowing down my loading time although it’s not serious because people hardly notice it is the emoticons from plurk. Maybe I shouldn’t use any emoticons when I’m plurking. :vangry:

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  • haa.. detail tu! hehe 😛

    Smaller size files = faster loading time
    Bigger size files = slower loading time
    Small size but files but with slow loading time = something’s wrong !

    general thing…
    i asked my lecturer last sem about these loading time and he cakap…
    guna broadband, no problem now haha
    no need to pay much attention to loading time lol

    Adilas last blog post..Sick… MONTH??!

  • thanks! aku dah lama mencarik analysis camni. hehe 🙄

  • Thanks.. :up:
    aku tgh test site aku ni.. mmg load slow giler dah blog aku.. xtau la apesal..

    Mr Ams last blog post..Bill gates VS Steve Jobs

  • ok ke kalu load time 7.5s.. aku rasa mcm ok.. sbb skang nih aku dah malas nak letak byk2 plugin

    smaelzs last blog post..My All Time Favourite

  • akoo same cam ko gak. tp tak penting pun. site berhantu akoo nie. hehe!

  • so meaning yang less time to load tu bagus la kan? haiya! pening sikit 🙄
    mine is 6.5sec.. macam lama gak tu.. huhuuh

    nonos last blog post..Makanlah kamu sebelum kamu dimakamkan…

  • aku 26 saat.. cam lembab je kan?

    aku tak tau la..
    andai encik baik hati tolong lah check dan beri pendapat..
    haha.. kena ayat skema..

    menteils last blog post..Memikat Kembali Si Dia

  • salah 1 faktor kena ambik kira theme.. dulu pakcik pnh tersalah pilih theme.. memang lembab nak loading.. tuh yang sekarang nak tukar theme yang bebetul cepat loading nye

    Uncle Gs last blog post..AutoShow Mean Machines 2008

  • 6.84 sec, still heavy wahaha. can i make it more light loading!? huhu 🙄

    megats last blog post..Tidakkah Kau Nikmati Hidup Ini Sepenuhnya!?

  • hehehe.. site aku lambat ke nak load.. kena try ni.. hurm.. tapi aku rasa.. page aku laju je.. xda masalah pun dgn loading neh.. hehehe…

  • weih.. apesal besar sangat RSS kat tepi tu..??

    nikillass last blog post..Study time..

  • Recently I tried WebWait. It is not bad too.

    kuanhoongs last blog post..Benchmark your web site with WebWait

  • page blog aku la loading paling slow aku rasa~
    tak payah cek dah tau~ :down:

  • skrg ni tukar theme 50kb saja..tapi rasa mcm slowwwwwwwwwwwww gak
    ngape ye..plugin kena check kot

    Kujies last blog post..Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta – Bandung

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