I got an email from Tony Fernandes !

*edited* : TF now is on the 19th place of the richest Malaysian according to Forbes 2008 list. Refer to the full article [ here ]

I think everyone knows Tony Fernandes. Which Tony Fernandes ? Yes, the one and only that Tony Fernandes, ops Dato’ Tony Fernandes.

Tony Fernandes which is the 24th richest man in Malaysia, one of among the 10 rising leaders in Asia, which happens to be a blogger too.

Cut the story short, I was checking my email that’s filled with love letters spams and my eye caught one particular email in the list. The sender’s name is TONY FERNANDES. At first, I thought it was a scam, phishing or what other craps that it might be. Due to curiosity, I opened the email.


Oh shit, maybe it’s really from Tony Fernandes, my mind thought. I carefully read went through the email and crap, it’s just a mass email from Air Asia using Tony Fernandes’s name on top of it. :mad:


Damn !! Which big names I should look forward to send emails to me next? Anwar Ibrahim? Che Det? Pak Lah? Should I aim higher like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs…I think lots of spam use that name…:vangry: Oh well, maybe someday someone with a big name will send an email to me.. :cry:

Bottom line is : I feel like crap and duped by Tony Fernandes and Air Asia…someone wanna sue them? :vangry:

ps : This is not a related to my post earlier on MalaysiaKini and Qantas Air. :smile:

pss : This is not a paid post from Tony Fernandes either ! :razz: