Is Christiano Ronaldo Gay?

I know the title is a bit controversy but what the heck? I don’t give a damn about Christiano Ronaldo. From my point of view, he’s gay alright. Not only I’m the only was fooled by his appearances, but also Eliza Sanchez. Refer to the piece of news below.


(click the picture to view the full image size)

According to the article, Ronaldo was trying to seduce the Colombian actress but apparently turned down by Eliza since she thought he was gay. Too bad when you’re too metro sexual I think. So guys, if you’re trying to be too metro sexual like Christiano Ronaldo, think again because you might be rejected by girls just for being that.

I know this entry might anger some of the Manchester United fans but what the hell right? If Christiano Ronaldo really is gay, is it wrong to have a gay soccer player in the team? Speaking about gay soccer players, you might want to check my other post on gay soccer players. :lol:

p/s: Man Utd fans…let me know what you think..I know there’s a bunch of you guys out there..don’t be shy ! :oops: