Killer tag sucks !

I will hate lochoe for the tag…but since I was tagged, I will reply it with some gesture on my middle finger ! credit to smaelz for the english translation!

1. How many times you are in love? – 3 times.

2. 3 songs that make you remind of her? – Can’t think of any…

3. What is the romantic thing that you do for her, or she do for you? – shit…seriously can’t think of any!

4. 3 nicknames she uses to call you? – yang & bee

5. List 3 places you go with her? – midvalley, one utama, klcc

6. What is the best memories with her?, (picture is better) – all blur..can’t think of any

7. What is her birthday, if you remember? – sometimes in March I think

8. List gifts from her that you like? – computer power supply ?

9. How you declare your love to her (man), or how you accept his love (woman)? – can’t really was a long time ago

10. How long you take to forget her? – don’t just happens

11. What is her physical part that you like about her? – none that I can think of

12. What is she doing right now? – don’t know

13. Can you accept her back if she want to?? – nope

14. Have you contact her(ex) when you with your partner? – nope

15. Did you have don’t something inappropriate with her(ex) before? – define inappropriate

16. Did you go out with her(ex), without been known by your partner? – nope

17. 2 things from her(ex) that you keep, without been known by your partner? – i don’t have anything that I kept specifically, it’s just either lost in the boxes or i thought i bought it

18. Do you think your relationship with her(ex) is hotter than with your partner? – nope

19. Do you hide something in your mobile phone from your partner? – nope

20. Did you have cheated or try to cheat on your partner? – nope

21. Who should do this tag? – I don’t want anyone to be another victim for this cruelsome tag, so I’m gonna end it here.

p/s : lochoe memang pengkhianat blogger blogspot ! :vangry:

pss : i think i have memory lost..i can’t remember a lot of things nowadays… i too old now ? :sad: