Killer tag sucks !

I will hate lochoe for the tag…but since I was tagged, I will reply it with some gesture on my middle finger ! credit to smaelz for the english translation!

1. How many times you are in love? – 3 times.

2. 3 songs that make you remind of her? – Can’t think of any…

3. What is the romantic thing that you do for her, or she do for you? – shit…seriously can’t think of any!

4. 3 nicknames she uses to call you? – yang & bee

5. List 3 places you go with her? – midvalley, one utama, klcc

6. What is the best memories with her?, (picture is better) – all blur..can’t think of any

7. What is her birthday, if you remember? – sometimes in March I think

8. List gifts from her that you like? – computer power supply ?

9. How you declare your love to her (man), or how you accept his love (woman)? – can’t really was a long time ago

10. How long you take to forget her? – don’t just happens

11. What is her physical part that you like about her? – none that I can think of

12. What is she doing right now? – don’t know

13. Can you accept her back if she want to?? – nope

14. Have you contact her(ex) when you with your partner? – nope

15. Did you have don’t something inappropriate with her(ex) before? – define inappropriate

16. Did you go out with her(ex), without been known by your partner? – nope

17. 2 things from her(ex) that you keep, without been known by your partner? – i don’t have anything that I kept specifically, it’s just either lost in the boxes or i thought i bought it

18. Do you think your relationship with her(ex) is hotter than with your partner? – nope

19. Do you hide something in your mobile phone from your partner? – nope

20. Did you have cheated or try to cheat on your partner? – nope

21. Who should do this tag? – I don’t want anyone to be another victim for this cruelsome tag, so I’m gonna end it here.

p/s : lochoe memang pengkhianat blogger blogspot ! :vangry:

pss : i think i have memory lost..i can’t remember a lot of things nowadays… i too old now ? :sad:

  • d2z

    hehe..nice one..PSU? geeek btul.. 🙄 😆

    d2zs last blog post..Guess what~

  • :up:
    semua benda ko lupa.. cool..

    Mr Ams last blog post..Killer Love Tag

  • Haha.. tapi memang betul cool la.. Ingat senang ke nak lupa sumer. 😐

    Mr Ams last blog post..Killer Love Tag

  • deym ko buatkan tag ni jd tag best :vangry:

    ps: adakah ko cuba amik jln selamat?

    aeropama dot coms last blog post..Tag Angau Pembunuh…

  • Intro : “I will reply it with some gesture on my middle finger”

    huhu… damn..

    5. midvalley, one utama, klcc

    aduih semua tempat shopping tuh, nampak sangat mmg kena jadi tukang angkat arang… creadit to callister (mmg lelaki ideal utk slama-lamanya life4hre ni)

    8. computer power supply ? very-very unique… in this world only 2 person get this gift from GF as i know.. U and BORAT.. good, at least have same desire with that BORAT

    Jawapan 13-20 semua x jujur, aku boleh tahu dan aku boleh baca.. ala lelaki sama je.. ini jawapan penyelamat sahaja atau Aznil Nawawi panggi talian hayat.. lui lui… tapi x pe.. TQ sbb jawab… Middle leg finger to Life4hire…

  • ps : pengkhianat? nanti ada entry..

    lochoes last blog post..New template untuk blogger

  • hehe.. caree gak pakcik baca nie.. sib baik dah stop tag nie kat sini

    p/s: kat blog lain tak berani nak jawab komen… takut kena tag.. jenuh nak jawab nie

  • buat buat lupa lah pulak.. pandai ko ni.. 😀

  • paham paham.. mesti you rs sucks gila buat this tag kan? dgn callister yang akan baca lagi.. huhuhuhuuuhuuuh…

    nonos last blog post..His name is Adam 🙂

  • dari atas sampai bawah, kak jie cari komen callister..hohoho….

    Kujies last blog post..beware

  • huhu..adakah anda menjwp tag ini dgn jujur??
    tapi mcik percaya yg pcik jujur dgn mcik..
    sb kat blogsphere ni, mcik sorg je yg tau mcm mn relationship pcik yg dulu..
    btl x??

    tapi jgn la lupa psl relationship kite plak..

    callisters last blog post..I had a dream.