Make money by sharing pictures

Everybody wants to make money right? So every once in a while, I will post about making money on the internet. I know a lot of you guys have advertisement on the blog as a way to monetize their blog aside from filling the passion for blogging. So today, I will talk about making money by sharing photos.

I know a lot of you guys use flickr, imageshack or fotopages. What about considering to use a picture hosting service that pays you to share the pictures? Yerp, you read it right, you make money by sharing your pictures.

The online photo storage that I’ m going to introduce is called Share A Pic or SAP for short. SAP pays out at USD20. At the current rate of paying USD1 for 4500 image views, technically it will take 90000 views before you get the first payout. Looks very hard right? Think again! I will show you guys on how to maximize the image views for SAP in my future posts because i’m still doing some research on it.

In a nutshell

  • SAP pays you just for sharing your pics.
  • USD20 is the minimum cashout
  • USD20 = 90000 views at USD1 per 4500
  • SAP pays you through Paypal. Register Paypal if you still don’t have it yet.
  • Proof of payment, please refer here (not mine though!)

Let me know your thoughts and don’t wait no more, act now! Register Share A Pic now ! You got nothing to lose! :shock: