More munchy’s & melamine issues

I just woke up and read where I found this piece of news.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 (Bernama) — The Health Ministry has sealed a factory producing two local biscuits which are said to contain excessive amount of melamine by the Hong Kong government’s laboratory.

Its Food Safety and Quality Division director, Noraini Mohd Othman said, in a statement Sunday night, the products would be tested for melamine.

She was commenting on a Reuters report that excessive amount of melamine had been found in Munchy’s Mini Crackers with Peanut Butter and Munchy’s Mini Crackers with Cheese Cream, produced by the Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd.

Things are not looking good for munchy’s I suppose. A factory has been sealed. Looks like the government really acted well on news from outside. :grin:

On similar note, the munchy’s representative reassured that munchy’s products are safe.

Meanwhile, Munchy Food Industries chief executive officer C.K. Tan said none of its products contain any dairy-based ingredients from China except from Australia and France.

The company will give full amount bribe cooperation to the ministry, he said in a statement.

Here’s the deal. I read somewhere (can’t remember it though), the companies in Australia and France also send the dairy product (read as milk) to China for processing and shit because the work force there is damn cheap. Considering that, this means China work force is so damn cheap that you can still make profit after you include the transportation and logistic charges from the original producing country to China.

Taking this into consideration, if it’s really true Munchy’s ordered their dairy products from Aussie or France, how can they make sure that the dairy products are not related to China at all? You guys take a pick.

Anyway, let’s just be careful not to take any Munchy’s product for the time being. I’ll try to make some time to go to the local dairy store and get a picture of Munchy’s Mini Crackers with Peanut Butter and Munchy’s Mini Crackers with Cheese Cream, so that we can avoid it at all cost.

Also, I found a picture of Munchy’s product imported from China. Check the pictures below. Anyone care to comment ?


Read it more at Helang Sakti.

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  • erk..!! dah komferm la ye.. hurmm… makan ulam je la jawabnye…

    nikillass last blog post..Laila’s Lounge – Mawar Khayalan

  • aisey malaysia pun dah kena plak. kilang munchys neh kat batu pahat je kalau tak silap aku la. hehe susah la camni kan… kena buat biskut sendiri la camni. hehe 😈

    KNizams last blog post..Pakailah Talipinggang Keledar Belakang ! Another Community Message from Proton … Hehe 🙂

  • x yah munchy’s 2 la… mkn biskut merry jer.. xder susu pon… cicah ngan teh O.. mmg uhm!

    smaelzs last blog post..Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 PC Download!

  • Nowadays I would not buy any product if it is coming from China and some Malaysian products that are already known as not fit to be eaten…

    shaxxs last blog post..Internet Explorer is Still Popular

  • =.= i like munchy’s biscuit la…
    aiks… guess there’s no more biscuit for me now…

  • yam, kau nak number org tu kan? emel me for it, ok… but before that kene terangkan sikit before i can give u the number. emel:

    norlinies last blog post..Misadventures of the Spirits (part 3)

  • no more munchy’s for me again then… 😥

  • ooo.. ari tu baca kompeni tu ckp ok..ok..
    sik baik dlm sebln dua ni tak beli pun munchy’s biskut tu

    Kujies last blog post..beware

  • d2z

    camna dgn oreo cicah dgn susu?? hehe

    d2zs last blog post..Program Penggalakan Sains dan Teknologi

  • wuhuhu… 2 posts straight about melamine issues. kau boleh jadi menteri kesihatan pasni. mahu?

  • It seems like many products from China may be Contaminated with melamine. The directors of the Companies in China should be impaled. (read: disula). For little profits, they are willing to Cause harm to many innocent lifes.. Memang Cheebuy la.

    bongkerszs last blog post..Toughest Tag I Did So Far – ‘Killer Love’ Tag

  • Tie

    Alamak!! Kita suka makan product munchy’s laaa…..Teruknya…walaupun hanya dr china yang ada melamine tu…kira produck munchy’s gak…malas lak nak buat sekut sendiri…huhu….

    Ties last blog post..Persahabatan

  • Huh, takot weh, nasib baik mr ahfa tak minat menda sweets macam ni.

    p/s: artikel ni dah disenaraikan di dalam! Sweet! :up:

    mrahfas last blog post..Let go all that luggage

  • Alaaa.. Munchy’s pn dah tak boleh makan ke? 😥 I loves Munchy’s product especially yg Music wafer tu. huu..

    !x0r@s last blog post..Opss!

  • owh,okay.. betul jugak tu. eh,mana icon smiley ni? x nampak pn..

    !x0r@s last blog post..Buang jauh-jauh rasa ’stress’ itu.

  • ei…2 produk munchy’s yang terlebih melamine tu adalah antara kesukaan aku, patut la mak aku gtau ari tu..

    “cah, biskut kecik2 yang ko suke tu takle makan, banyak melamine”


    ecahkoops last blog post..go straight don’t belok2

  • N0Tm3

    alamak mati la aku….aku mkn biskut marie munchy’s…..zzzzzzzzz