Munchy’s contiminated by melamine?

For more info and detailed speculation anylisis , I suggest further you readings to ShadowFox’s hideout.

You heard me right.. Apparently Munchy’s was found contaminated with melamine atau dengan nama lain nyer, Munchy’s telah dicemari oleh melamine. Is this true ? Got the piece of info from Malaysian Insider.

Milk powder contaminated with melamine has been blamed for the deaths of four infants and for sickening about 54,000 others in mainland China. Hong Kong has also found 10 children with kidney stones who had consumed Chinese-made milk products.

A sample of Munchy’s Mini Crackers with Peanut Butter was found to contain 5.4 parts per million (ppm) of melamine, while Munchy’s Mini Crackers with Cheese Cream had 3.8 ppm, the food safety watchdog said in a statement. The territory has set the safe limit at 2.5 ppm.

The full news is here at Malaysian Insider

Munchy’s already assured the users that their products was not contaminated with melamine. Take a hike to Munchy’s official website and you will see the notice there. In case it has been removed, please refer to the screenshot below. At the moment, Munchy’s have 2 websites that can be found. No melamine warning found on the Munchy’a Singapore’s website.


Will the company that brought fame to Malaysia will be held forever in the hall of shame?

Anyone want to confirm the story behind this. I love munchy’s…too bad I had to stop taking it until the news is verified.

p/s : AM I SICK BECAUSE OF EATING TOO MUCH MUNCHY’S ? Better get a lawyer to sue them ! :neutral: