TAG : From Yan^s

Got this tag from Yan^s, quite a long one. Still searching for time to reply lochoe’s !

1. How old are u?

2. Are u single?
nope..in love with callister ! :XO:

3. In wut age do u think u’l get married?
Not sure

4. Do u think u’l b marryin the person u’r with now?
absolutely yes!

5. If not,who do u wnt 2 marry?

6. Do u want a garden/beach/traditional wedding?
I prefer traditional

7. Ur ideal motive?
motive? what motive ?

8. Where do u plan 2 go 2 honeymoon?
Will decide later

9. How many guests do u think u’l b invite?
brothers of 9600, bloggers, relatives,hmmm make it 300 :shock:

10. Do u want extravagant wedding/simple one?
Simple one will do but not too simple

11. Do u want traditional vows/sumthin u make up on ur own?

according to Islamic ways :halo:
12. How many layers of cake do u want?
Hmmm…maybe 3?

13. Do u prefer havin ur reception at hotel/simple place?
Other place than hotel

14. When do u want to get married morning/evening?
Early in the evening

15. u’d rather hv ur reception indoor/outdoor?

16. Do u like a grand entrance 4 ur groom?
Not really

17. Name the song/tune do u like 2 play at ur wedding
Michael Buble – Everything

<a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=SPUJIbXN0WY">http://youtube.com/watch?v=SPUJIbXN0WY</a>

18. Are u a morning person/night person?

19. Do u want a solemn ceremony/light one?
Will let my partner choose

20. Describe ur ideal husband/wife
Everything that callister is and will be

21. Do u prefer fine dining/just normal spoon/fork
Depends on the meal and occasion

22. Champagne or red wine?
Not applicable

23. Honeymoon right after the wedding/days after wedding?
Will let callister choose it

24. Money/household items?
I will provide all of it (hopefully)

25. Who will be pay for the bills?
Me of course

26. Are u ready 4 married life?
Personally yes, financially no

27. Do u think u’l still be virgin until u get married?
Let me see, am I still considered a virgin after masturbation ? LOL

28. Will u always b true 2 ur husband/wife?

30. How many kids would u like 2 have?
Ideal is 4, 2 sons and 2 daughters if we can

31. A new house 4 newly wed/old one?
Hopefully our own place to stay

32. Will u celebrate silver wedding/gold weeding/diamond wedding?
I don’t really understand the question

33. Wat kind of cuisine would u like 4 ur wedding?
Malay + traditional food

34. Would u record ur honeymoon in cd or dvd?
Yerp, except for XXX part

35. Whose wedding plans would u like 2 knw next?
Whoever who’s willing to answer the tag! :razz: