Tiresome on 1st day of Raya

It’s just the first day of Raya and I feel so tired. I woke up around 6 AM, have my “mandi sunat” Aidilfitri and have a quick breakfast with my family. The morning sky doesn’t look quite bright for a morning and since it was raining occasionally for a few days before, I decided to go to the mosque quite early around 8 AM and spent some quality time there, mingling with other jemaah.

After khutbah raya, went back to greet my mom and my sisters happy raya day and went to our grandma’s house (which is just next door) and greet them. Ayah Li and his family is already there. While waiting for the others to come, I had another breakfast there. This time it’s nasi beriyani which Ayah Li cooked it. I played around with Mat Shah and we snapped a couple dozens of pictures.

Ayah Chik and Cik Sah came with his batalion of 9 princes+princesses family to join us. We had a long chat before I decided to move on and visiting other nearby relatives. Before I went out, this generous and favourite cousin I gave RM 100 RM5 each to the boys and girls as duit raya.

Around noon, I went to my cousin’s house in Lemal and met my father there. We had a quick chat and “beraya sepam”, distribute some more duit raya there before I headed back to home. My mom asked me to accompany her to her former boss’s house to have lunch along with Ayah Li and Cik Ani.

We travelled all the to Tumpat just for nasi minyak on the first day of raya. We stayed there for a while before decided to give a quick visit to a relative in Bunut Sarang Burung. I can’t remember when the last time I was here, maybe it’s like 12 years ago and I have quite a share of experience of a kampung boy here. It’s quite rural here but don’t expect the people here are poor. Kelantanese usually good with businesses and for instance, I took a peek at an account book lying around at the table and the final balance is a whopping RM55k. Damn!

After Tumpat and Bunut Sarang Burung, we continued our journey to Kota Bharu to visit my other grandmom. Since my sister was driving, I spent the time to SMS with callister. She is travelling all the way from Ipoh to Penang for Raya. We spent some time at grandmom’s house before decided to call it a day and travelled back to Pasir Mas. It’s quite late in the evening, just before Maghrib when we reached home and I spent some time checking the blogs in my Google Reader before I went to bed.

It’s been quite a shy period on my blog since I was busy with preparations for Raya, so I decided to write this entry. I didn’t have dinner last night so I guess it’s time for breakfast now. :lol:

p/s: I made some changes to my blog to increase the response time. Let me know your thoughts on the loading time it takes now. I will be adding the gallery soon with the raya pictures, so stay tuned. :up:

p/s more : The new Yahoo Messenger is out. I uploaded the offline installer for you guys. You can download it here :grin:

p/s again : arsenal fans who missed out the 4-0 win against Porto can download the match highlight here. I missed the game too! It’s an exciting game, too bad for me to miss it.