Why should you follow me on Plurk?

I wrote about plurk sometime ago. If you don’t have any clue about it, refer to my previous post on plurk.

The first time I’m using plurk, I thought I will get bored using it after a week or so. Apparently I was wrong. There’s a lot of interesting stuff that I can do with plurk and benefits of using it. I don’t want to go all the way bitching about what is plurk all about because I already made quite a long post on it already. Go read it !

Let me share a few benefits/advantages that you might want have if you follow me on my plurk.

1. My blog update

If you’re not a subscriber of my RSS feed, then you can check my plurk for my updated post. Usually I will plurk about blog update once I posted the latest entry. If you’re too lazy to plurk, just subscribe to my RSS feed.

2. Interact with me

Sometimes I don’t bother opening my YM or check my emails. Using plurk, youn can interact with me nearly real time.

3. Interesting stuff that I don’t blog

I’m lurking on the net most of time and I always find interesting stuff to read and sometimes I stumbled onto something. I love sharing the love but since it’s too short to blog about, I just share it on my plurk. As simple as that. Just a link and a description of the link is all about. :lol:

4. Generate traffic.

By following my plurks, you most likely meet other people who follow my plurk. More followers and friends means more interaction. If you have a blog, you can promote your blog like I’m doing on my plurk. If you want to know how easy to get traffic from plurk, you must try it by yourself.:up:

5. Download links.

I guess this might be the most interesting part. I’m a downloader, an uploader and the most important of all, I love to share what I have with the others. So if you’re looking for something useful or interesting to download, you might want to check the links in my plurk. Maybe if I’m not too busy, I will accept requests from my followers ! :razz:

And for the record, here’s the list of the guys who already joined plurk/migrated from twitter. The likes of noktah hitam, callister, odin, bongkersz, lochoe, abdusfauzi and ahlost are alive and kicking in plurk ! :smile:

p/s: This is not a paid post from plurk! :razz: