WP : Upgrading to WordPress 2.6.3 the easy way

Here’s a short tutorial for you guys. As you guys know, WordPress 2.6.3 is out now. This is to fix a minor security vulnerability in WP 2.6.2 on the Snoopy library.

Here’s what wordpress.org development says about it.

A vulnerability in the Snoopy library was announced today. WordPress uses Snoopy to fetch the feeds shown in the Dashboard. Although this seems to be a low risk vulnerability for WordPress users, we wanted to get an update out immediately. 2.6.3 is available for download right now

You can download the latest wordpress version from here .

Another easy way to upgrade is by using WordPress Automatic Upgrade or WPAU for short. For the tutorial, you can refer to my post here. It’s for the previous version upgrade but it should be the same anyway.

But for this upgrade, I even use an easier method. Here what you do. Download these 2 files

  1. class-snoopy.php
  2. version.php

And upload it to /wp-includes directory and replace the old file there. And voila, you’re done ! :halo: