Blog down sucks !

If you guys happened to visit this blog in the last 24 hours, you might have ended in a tight situation. Either it’s down completely or you might ended with no post at all although the layout are there.

If you checked my plurk at the sidebar, you will notice that I told about the blog is down currently due to a suspected database issue which I have no control with. In the end, I have to shoot a hate email to my hosting to check the problem.

All of my database are still there but somehow it can be pulled by the WordPress blog. Since I’m not an expert on databases (actually I hate doing databases), so I’m leaving it there for the hosting technician to check it out.

At 10 PM I gave them a call and at the moment, the problem still there. He mentioned that he still had no idea what went wrong and he already restarted the SQL service but still didn’t resolve the problem. Around 12 PM, I checked my blog again and’s back to normal.

I gave the hosting technician another call to inform him that everything is okay now. He said he still can’t find the problem but I was happy that everything is back to normal now. That’s all I want. In the end, I troubleshoot with him for another blog that having the same problem reported but he can’t access the blog from his location at the data center. From my findings, looks like the TMNet is having a problem with their DNS since I can open the blog without any problem. I’m using OpenDNS by the way, not the TMNet default DNS. :down:

So to Nazwan (I think that’s the technician’s name), thanks for your help. If you’re reading this, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me today. Thanks again ! :up: