Cakra Alam is a scam?

Ever heard of Cakra Alam? I’m sure you did. Especially for people who read Harian Metro like Sweet Thinker. I know you love to read Harian Metro. Anyway, for the guys who haven’t heard of Cakra Alam, here’s a brief explanation on Cakra Alam.

Cakra Alam is traditional or alternative treatment method from Ustaz Arief. It became popular in a few years back after free publicity on TV3 and advertisement on papers, especially on tabloids such as Harian Metro and Warta Perdana. In case you’re wondering, this is not a paid post from Cakra Alam. Enough of the intro, more information at the ugly official website at

The reason I’m bringing up Cakra Alam on my blog post was it was discovered by a Korean TV show that Cakra Alam is a scam. Thanks for Just Khai for sharing this information on his blog. First and foremost, please watch the 2 videos from Youtube and make your judgement !

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You’ve seen the video? What do you think you should do? I’m sharing the information as I think it’s my duty to spread the bullshit to all over Malaysia although I can see there’s other websites, blogs and forums already talked about this. Maybe I’m way outdated on this but still, I think it’s worth my time to share it and it’s worth my time for my readers to read it. It was rumored that it was already reported to TV3 to investigate this since they’re the one who promoted it in the first place but then again, I’m not sure if a police report has been filed or not.

p/s : Megat, i hope you didn’t try Cakra Alam as one of your treatment. :cry: