Damn Addictive Game – The Avoider

Hi guys, I know it’s Friday and everyone is looking forward to their weekends right? I know I’m always looking forward to weekends so that I can spend some time off from the work at the office (although sometimes the guys still need to call me on weekends for some firewall issues). Anyway, weekends are the time I can relax at home, watching DVDs, go out with my beloved, Callister and my friends like Noktah Hitam, Syam ex-Aeropama and watch soccer games. Looking forward to Arsenal VS Chelsea this weekend. And no, I don’t want to talk about Cakra Alam anymore. Enough is enough.

This weekend I’m gonna head out of town so I don’t know if I can update my the blog or something. (yeah, like I update my blog on daily basis).Maybe I can take the weekend off and write more tutorials to be published next week or just chill out. I will be heading to Skudai, Johor for the weekend for a wedding party and I would welcome anyone from Johor if they want to meet up there. (like I was some celebrity or something, I can’t find any reasons people want to meet me anyway.) If you do, please leave a comment or contact me using the Contact Me page.

Enough ramblings. Since it’s Friday and I know you’re all lazying around the office waiting for 5 PM, let me help you kill some time. Meet the Avoider, one of the most addictive game I just stumbled upon. This flash game is very simple. You have one bad guy that will catch your mouse cursor on the screen and you need to avoid it at any cost! Sounds simple right? Believe me, it’s not. The bad guy will use any tactics to get your cursor and once he gets it, he will eat your cursor and game over! Try it and you’ll see how addictive this game is.

Here’s some screenshot of the game.


The bad guy is flying to catch me (me=the cursor)


One of the dirty trick. He used a bomb to kill me ! :mad:


Another dirty trick! Ok, that’s it…I’m officially dead…:evil:

So if you guys feel itchy to play the game, point your browsers to the Avoiders at One More Level. Let me know your scores because I can’t get past 500. That’s the truth, the honest truth. Last but not least, TGIF !!!

p/s : Since Syam Aeropama is not blogging anymore, I will make my own announcement…probably next week. I’ll use the weekend to decide it and I’ll publish it next week. :?: