Do you think my workplace is cool?

I once wrote about my old office in Cyberjaya and I had quite a lot of responses for that. I also wrote about Google’s Googleplex which is awesome and definitely one of the most sought place for work.

Aeropama had his first hand experience at my office. We seldom have visitors but he came to my office for some urgent issues regarding his internet connection.

Today, I read a post from KaHoongChai on P1 office tour. Yerp, the P1 company which provided wimax for Kuala Lumpur. So I decided to post some pictures of my office. It’s nothing compared to Googleplex but at least I’m satisfied with what I have. :up:


My desk where I bolted on


A bigger view of my desk


Another view, from the other side. Please ignore the guy who shaved his head because he admired Michael Scoffield of Prison Break so much.


A pool table where we flex some of our muscles and play lucky ball


The spot where we supposed to eat instead of taking the food to our work desk


The coffee maker and the place where the keep the other ingredients for beverages


The fridge and the source for clean H2O.


Two ovens, one for halal food, another for non halal food


The TV set and PS2. Yeah, we practiced a lot of soccer here

Although we never ran out of food in the office, we definitely can’t beat the office in Alaska in terms of foods & beverages. Their food supply and servings are just damn crazy !

And that’s about it. If you think this is great, wait till I post some of other pics from the other department. They got Astro, Nintendo Wii, a massage chair and other stuff that really makes you feel comfortable at the office. As if, they don’t want to make you go home. They just want to make you feel like you’re at home :XO: