Email from Google and package from Canonical

As you can see, I’ve been running Google Adsense for quite some time now. And about last month, finally I managed to get the minimum USD10 before I can request the PIN number from Google. The purpose of Google sending the PIN number using snail mail is to verify your address so that if you request checks from them, the check will arrive safely to it’s destination (in other words, safely delivered to your hands).

At the same time too, I requested the new Ubuntu 8.10 CD. I’ve been a fan of Ubuntu and their development for about 3 years now (although I’m not using Ubuntu that much) but it’s been helpful in repairing computer problem and making backups of the hard disk in case the operating system crashed (anybody interested to know about this?). For the people interested in Ubuntu, you can download the ISO or you can request the CD and they will ship it to your for FREE!

Cut the story short, finally I received the 2 much expected mail and package on the same day! Pheewww..that was a long wait. I didn’t expect Google mail will arrived on the same day with Ubuntu CD. Anyway, here’s some pictures of the mail and packages !


Google mail and Ubuntu CD side by side


Ubuntu package front, apparently they printed the postcode wrong! :down:


Ubuntu package from the back!


The front of Google snail mail :eek:


the back of Google snail mail


Ubuntu package content: the CD and the Ubuntu stickers :XO: (show off!)


The content of Google’s mail …

There you have it. The wait for Ubuntu CD and Google PIN number is finally over. Need to work on the click rate on my Google adsense. Anyone knows how to maximize the click rate for the advertisement or Google Adsense in particular ?

Next in my waiting list is the check from Nuffnang. My very first cash out from Nuffnang. Can’t wait !! :grin: