First it was labeled a gay blog, what’s next?

Yesterday I wrote about “Why is my blog so hot?”, where I was labeled like some gay blog by Uncle Google, some people been wondering, well that’s one particular person actually been wondering , what’s the worse thing could happen?

I received a lot of comments like the one from Kak Jie where she mentioned this:


So, looks like I’m not the only victim so far. I don’t what people search on Google or Yahoo, but I’m absolutely sure they will be disappointed when they arrive at Kak Jie’s blog. Can you see now how dirty minded Malaysian people is. I wonder what’s my blog going to be if I put keywords like sabul or redtube certain XXX keywords in SEO settings. :grin:

Enough of craps, I’m going to share what will happen to your blog if Google labeled your blog as a gaynormous blog. Here’s one of it.


Frankly, I don’t really mind if some spam comments get into my SPAM filter with 2 or 3 links, but THIS is one hell of a comment.. I think the comment is enough for an article on a blog. Wait, I think the spammer wants to make a “cerpen” or short story with a lot of foul words. Looking at the long lines of the comment, it was such a turn off to click any of the links I was deeply sad and grieving on how low spammers nowadays can be. :down::down::down::vangry: