How to optimize blog loading time part 2

It’s been a while since I made the post on “How to optimize blog loading time part 1”. Since I was too busy with my daily work and busted my weekends with soccer games and sleep overdose, I managed to squeeze some time to work this out. :cool:

Last time I showed you how to use Tools Pingdom, this time is much more easier. We’re going to use a page that can time you blog loading page for a few times and this way you can test if you blog load consistently. The website that I want to share this time is called Web Wait. Without further delay, let’s get started.:halo:

Go to

The interface that you will should be like this. If you see something other than that, most likely you went to the wrong address.


Let’s divide the page to two parts, on the right is where the page will load in real time, that includes all your ads, post and other stuff on the page and on the left, is where you put the URL, how many times you want to load the page and the time interval.

Put all the necessary info in the option area.

In this demo, I will use Kak Jie’s blog as the reference.


This is the usual settings that I use for the test. Usually I will take around 15 to 20 page load for it. The call interval is set to 2-5 seconds, depending on the current connection of my streamyx line. It’s important to test it around 2-5 seconds so that you know how well well your site load consistently.

Watch your blog loads in real time.

Actually you can skip this part but if you have so much time to spare want to know the time it took to load the page you can wait and see the result. Or else, just leave it there and you can come back later.


View your test result and make your own judgement.


This is the the test result from From my judgement, blog generally categorized performing well if it’s under 10 seconds. But then again, you can’t judge it absolutely from this. It depends on the internet connection as well. The best way is to ask feedback from your readers. Sometimes, some elements on the blog like nuffnang ads doesn’t load correctly, making your blog loads much slower.

So that’s it. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your blog, you can check back my previous post to identify things that might slow down your blog loading time. If you still don’t have any idea, just find another theme which is simple and doesn’t have any fancy function on it :lol: