Increasing your blog traffic part 1

I know traffic is important for bloggers especially people who are seeking to make some money from their blogs. I’m a newbie myself in blogging and I learned from various sources to increase my traffic. Although my Alexa ranking is not as high as other seasoned bloggers like Noktah Hitam or Kisah Beruang, but I’m satisfied my Alexa ranking (it’s just too sad that my arch rival Syam Aeropama has left the blogging scene.).

Let me list out the importance of high traffic to your blog:

  1. With high traffic, you will improve your Alexa ranking and might improve your Page Rank too.
  2. Higher traffic spells higher click rates on your blog.
  3. High traffic blogs tend to get a lot of offers from the advertisers.
  4. Nuffnang usually look for a lot of traffic blogs with targeted audience from the local scene.
  5. More people will link up to you and bring you more visitors (depends on other factors too)

Today, let me just share the simplest way to get traffic to your blog/site. With this method, you can easily get an extra 50 unique visitors per day. Trust me. Given time and some hard work, you can get as far as 200 unique hits per day. What I want to share with you is Entrecard. It’s been around for quite some time and most bloggers use Entrecard but not all of them. You can register your entrecard here. After registration, get the code for entre card and put it on your blog.

Sample of Entrecard interface


Sample of Entrecard interface. Please view the picture so that you know the terms I will be using later

How to use Entrecard?

After you login to your Entrecard, you can start visiting the other blogs registered in Entrecard. Go to the campaign tab at the top and go to random blogs. Find their entrecard spot and “drop” your card there by clicking drop. That means you already visit the blog and left a mark there. First 3 days, just go to random blogs and drop the entre cards there. You can also check your drops inbox occasionally to see if someone dropped any cards on your blog. You can return the favour by visiting their blogs and drop your card there. Dropping cards on other blogs will earn you a credit for each blog and this credit can be used to advertise on other blogs later.

Limitations on Entre Card

  • you can only drop maximum 300 cards per day (including drop back)
  • multiple blogs need multiple accounts
  • dropping cards will earn your credit, not the advertising spot
  • credits can’t be turned to cash!

How to earn max Entre card credit less than 15 minutes?

As a bonus, I will share you a link where you can easily make max 300 less than 15 minutes (provided your internet connection is fast!!). Just point the browser to [ here ]. Just click the first button and it will open up 10 blogs for you. It’s better if you use firefox for this. Wait for a while until the blogs load, then you can start find their Entre card widget and drop your card there. After you have finished for the first 10, click the next button and repeat the steps! In no time, you will drop close to 300 cards..Some blogs are not there anymore, so there’s no Entre Card to drop.

So there you go. A quick tip on how to increase your blog traffic. Hopefully you will get the result you wanted. Stay tune for the next entry by subscribing to my RSS feed. :evil:

P/S : if you drop your card on my blog, I will drop back to your blog. So we will get 2 credits for each drop back. One credit earned from dropping the card on my blog and another is from me dropping a card on your blog ! :grin: