Madness ! Royal rumble in Bintulu

I got this video from youtube. Looks like some gang fight was happening in the video. Since I barely understand what they’re saying from the video, it’s hard to tell what it’s really about. From the comments, it looks like the fight started because of a woman.

Basically the video is showing some sort gang fight some where in Esplanade, Bintulu. I never been there, so I can’t clarify if it’s true. There’s  a guy waving and slashing people with a blunt sword too, hopefully. Look closely at approximately 2:48 of the video on how the cops kicked the guys head and looked like the guy fainted after the kick. Maybe he was resisting the arrest but I’m not sure if the cops allowed to do that.

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If there’s anyone who can translate what they’re saying, I will really appreciate that. If you guys searched on youtube, there’s a lot of videos such as this. I think people all over the world can see how Malaysia really is from the youtube itself. There’s no need for cover ups because it’s useless. People judge from what they see with their own eyes.

Bongkersz, I appoint you as my official translator for this video. Maybe Melbie or Cibol interested as well ?

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