Video on Cakra Alam scam report from 360

There are a lot of buzzing about Cakra Alarm scam at the moment and people from all over Malaysia is frantically searching about it in the search engine. Well, a lot of bloggers took interest in this trend and published their own version of Cakra Alam is a scam. Oh well, traffic means a lot to bloggers right?

So last night, TV3’s 360, a show that talks and reveals issues around Malaysia aired their version of Cakra Alam (don’t know if their SEO is powerful enough for that). So they managed to get an interview slot with Ustaz Arief of Putar Alam Cakra Alam and tried to get his response/comment/bullshit on the alleged news Cakra Alam is a scam or “penipu”. In case you guys missed the show, here’s the video of the interview from yours truly Youtube.

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Frankly, from my opinion, he’s full of bullshit and the biggest lie that you can see is where he told the reporters that the metal detector doesn’t give any response to a pair of slippers where in the Youtube, it beeps like hell. I don’t think the Korean TV show went as far as editing the video with the beeping sound, and yet, Ustaz Arief totally denied it. Damn it. OK, enough ramblings, visit my fellow bloggers’ responses on this issue.

Read those post and make your own judgement. Don’t take my views for granted ! :evil: