Wayne Rooney Dumb Act !

Sometimes I wonder how these famous footballers like Wayne Rooney can be so dumb? You don’t believe how foolish somebody that famous can be? Well, here’s one for you.

Wayne Rooney seeks help

For anyone of you who is lazy enough to read the article or don’t understand what the hell the article is all about, here’s a summary for you.

  • Manchester “f**king” United Star, Wayne Rooney took his wife’s Range Rover Sport V8 worth £90,000) out for a spin.
  • The Rover broke down on a highway forcing him to call the highway patrol for help (lucky for him to have the number somehow)
  • Apparently, his stupidity filling up the diesel engine with petrol caused the broke down. (maybe his fancy cars are all using petrol or he didn’t know that diesel engine exist or he just thought that diesel engine can be fueled up with petrol)
  • The highway patrol department won’t comment further on that but according to source, the cost the clean up the engine is around £1,000. ( small figure for a player with a £50,000 wage per week, at least this is what I got from the net, I figure out it’s higher though)

Coleen can throw out her Range Rover and wait for 2 weeks before she can buy a new Rover for herself. damn it ! :vangry: I’m so jealous.

Anyway, we have our first African-British (people prefer to say colored I think) Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton. Soon, we might have our very first African-American US President Barack Obama.:shock:

Local news, Abby Abadi will seek divorce from Norman Hakim because of Norman’s scandal with Memey Suhaiza. Oh well, what do I care? Life goes on right? :???: