What does your blog tell your readers?

Sometimes I’ve been wondering, what kind of blog that I’m running ? What I know is I tried my best to share everything that I know with my readers and I’m hoping that I’m doing that in a way that please my readers. If the readers don’t appreciate what I wrote, then basically I’m writing for nothing.

I believe in information sharing and with sharing information, I will spread my knowledge with others. Apart from that, I can also interact and getting feedback from my readers on what they want to know. If I don’t know anything about it, I can learn it as well.

I think everyone knows about personality test and other stuff similar to that. But how do you know how the authors like from their blog. So today, I want to share a site that could help you with that.

Typealyzer which is still in beta stage offers this feature do determine what is the personality of the blog author from the blog content itself.It analyzes the words that the author used for their blog and make their analysis based on the words. Here’s some from the FAQ.

How does it work?
For a long period of time, we have been training our system to recognize texts that characterize the different types. The system, typealyzer, can now by itself find features that distinguishes one type from another. When all features, words and sentences, are statistically analyzed, Typealyzer is able to guess which personality type the text represents.

You can read the whole FAQ [ here ]

So what kind of an author I am? Here’s what the site told me:



Frankly, I think the analysis is 90% correct. I wouldn’t be surprised because they analyze it from the words I’m using, not from my actual thinking and brain work. Anyway, what is your blog type ?

p/s : Currently the site supports English blog for analyze process. They say they will provide more support for non English blog in the future. :wink: