What the hell is chickipedia?

I know you guys are so damn familiar with Wikipedia. That’s the first link that might pop up if you google someone or any history on Google. I’m not sure on other search engines because I only use Google when I’m searching for information.

We also have other types of  *pedia like Bodohpedia at Wikia.com or the good old bodohpedia.org which recently known through ST.

And if you want to search for public webcams or security videos, you can use the good old Googling technique or if you’re too lazy and want to skip the old trick, you can always head to webcampedia. Although it’s filled with public webcams of parks, roads and home, please be aware that there might be some webcams that is not suitable for under ages or might be offensive to certain people. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Personally, I love to view webcams during my free time, especially for Japan public cameras. You can watch the sunset, sun rise, birds and if you’re lucky, you might stumble at some eventful stuff like earth quake drill or shake out.


The best part and the latest *pedia that I found is chickipedia.com. Yes, you heard it right. It’s CHICKIPEDIA, not CHICKAPEDIA. Sounds funny. And as you guys, might think and guess, this is a website they compile celebrities and famous people as well as politicians and it’s strictly female. You won’t find any guys here. ST, please take note. Basically, what you want to know about female personalities, you can find it here. You might find Dylan Lauren, Micahela Watkins, Kelley Limp here but absolutely not Philip Falcone nor Colby Buzzell. Not sure if Thomas Beatie managed to get into chickipedia.com or not.

I still have a lot of workload from the office, so please accept my ramblings for now. I’m trying to get out of gay related stuff from Google, so I’m posting this to see how it goes. :razz: