Why is my blog so hot?

Actually the title doesn’t really reflect what I’m going to say here. Just want to check if there’s any people actually read this post out of curiosity of the title. Yeah, I heard it. Curiosity kills the cat. So here goes…

I started this blog at 1st of June..hmmm is it? I think that’s about it. It just struck me in the head. I’ve been blogging on various platforms since 2003 but it never see it’s way to the end. Half way through, I decided to stop blogging. Reason, I was too lazy to update my blog although I know I will love blogging, whether writing one or reading one.

So I decided to get my own domain & hosting, begin to blog again and if I’m half way on this, then I will never blog again. For the love of blogging and the oath, I’ve been steadily blogging for 5 months. If I recall it right, the longest blog I had and maintained reached the age 3 months. I guess this marks a new milestone for me. And to mention I paid RM100 for the hosting, it’s a shame to waste it for just 3 months. Let’s open up the champagne and have ourselves a hell of a party. :up:

Here I would like to dedicate my thanks to all my blog readers, people who gave their time to comment on my blog, RSS subscribers, bloggers society from Negaraku and others who I failed to mention. You guys are the best !!

Last but not least, for my favourite uncle, Pak Cik Google for giving me the organic traffics that I need. Here’s some screenshot of his achievement that never failed to make me laugh my heart out until I fell out of my chair amused !


This is my blog, not Extremist Thinker’s blog. Anyway PE, thanks for the traffic !


Please la Uncle..this is not a GAY blog. Who the hell in Malaysia search that in Google. It’s definitely someone who can speak Malay by the way. :vangry:

Put the gay thing aside, Google has been driving traffic to my blog like crazy on certain occasions. Thanks for the SEO and thanks for being my favourite search engine for 8 years now. Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around ? :!: All that’s left is to improve more traffic and the click rate and my blog. I wonder why most people see ads as an annoying thing ?