Why I just hate kongsiblog.com ?

I hate kongsiblog.com because…

1. The blogroll link

I don’t whether this is intended or not. Sometimes when we upgrade the WP, the plugin just died by itself. By intended, I mean the blogroll link was there, but there’s no list of URLs to be added there. I can understand that but if you don’t have anything to put, please remove it because it’s wasting my time to click that.

The only link in the blogroll page is the link to the blogroll plugin itself. :down:

2. No standout RSS feed button

The first time I read kongsiblog.com, my mind sounded like. “Hey, I like this blog. I want to add this to my Google Reader”. I spent some time looking for the RSS button but somehow I can’t find it. Maybe my eyes was blinded for the RSS feed button. Since I wanted to get this to my RSS feed, I hit CTRL+F and search for RSS and I finally got the RSS feed. My eyes manage to get the email subscription box but hell no, I don’t want no emails for blog update. Too many emails to read nowadays ! :down: Of course I know I can just add the URL to my Google Reader, this is just an excuse to condemn kongsiblog.com

3. Wide gap that came from nowhere!


As you can see in the picture, there’s a sea river stream of wide gap between Random Post and the comments. Please note, this is when you’re viewing a single entry. I don’t know what’s the purpose of this wide space area, maybe it’s for advertisement purposes, but since there’s no advertisement there, please modify it. I kept refreshing my browser in case something that suppose to be there is not loading, making me feel like an idiot refreshing for a couple of times! :down:

4. Showing off the commentators

The long list of commentators is freaking me out. You know your blog has a lot of comments, suddenly you git this bright idea to show off your comments? Well, I don’t mind if it’s short like 5 entries or so, but this is a long list and I wouldn’t take a look at it. Furthermore, it showed who and which entry commented, I don’t care to take a look at it unless it’s the comment itself. If the comment is interesting or arguable, then my hands get itchy to reply back.

5. Ahli section at the sidebar

This is one of the worst, making me think this is a standard WordPress theme for wordpress.org. I think almost everyone know how to login to the dashboard. So if you think it’s necessary, put it somewhere else like in the footer. You can take out RSS link if you have a standout RSS button. Please take out link to wordpress.org, we all know about it! :down:

6. Some points for more improvement.

  • take out mybloglog, alexa ranking. They can be quite bitchy sometimes. I already took mine out.
  • sharethis tends to load slowly and I don’t think everyone submits it. Remove it if you don’t think it’s helping! If you decided to keep it, please disable it on the static pages
  • meta tag part can be modified. remove unnecessary things from it. keep it simple. you already have the author name under the title, you don’t the RSS info if you have an outstanding RSS button and it will be better if you put the categories under the title.
  • host the pictures for affiliates on your hosting and link it to your affiliate. if you blog is down, your blog is down. If the affiliate hosting is down, your blog will take forever to load.
  • noticed that you’re using Adsense. optimize the use of it instead on the large banner. If you took out unnecessary things described above, you can put more adsense in your blog ! :up: Maybe you can refer to my tutorial on adsense here

p/s: This is a response for Kongsi Blog’s entry to get response from his readers. You can join too if you want! Read the rules there.

Footnote : Life4Hire blog does not promote violence, racism and surely not turning into a hate blog. Kongsi Blog author wants it and Life4Hire blog tried to deliver it with intention making the readers enjoying his posts.