Alert : CIMB-clicks phishing e-mail on the loose

Actually I want to publish more on how to get more traffic to your blog/site series but since I’m in holiday mode, let’s just say I’ll hold it off for a while. Another reason is there’s another important thing to publish today and shared with all my readers. So in case you missed my previous 2 post on how to get more traffic your blog or site, you can refer to the links below:

The important thing that I want to share is recently there’s a circulation of phishing email on CIMB-clicks. The emails were sent randomly to email addresses and maybe you will find it in your inbox. Here’s the screenshot of the email that has been sent to a friend of mine.


Quick tips in identifying phishing emails:

  • the email tend to force someone to access their account quickly by using scare tactics
  • the email will ask you to click the link in the email
  • phishing emails usually using technical jargons that might not be known to less IT savvy people.
  • the email will try to blackmail or deceive you with their words such as account will be suspended if you don’t act now by clicking the links given.

I will not talk more on identifying phishing websites or any tips to prevent you from falling to phishing sites for now because somebody might have fallen to this kind of scam at the very moment. Maybe I’ll leave to to some other time if anyone wants to know. To keep things simple, I’ll just talk on what to do if you think your account have been compromised.

So what to do if you’ve fallen to phishing sites’ trap?

  • Call the bank directly and ask to cancel your online account.
  • If you still manage to get into your account, change the password, email, secret answers in case you forgot your password and other security related information on the online banking page.
  • Make a police report describing your situation so that a public warning can be issues and the phishing site can be blocked. This is also important so that police can open an investigation on the issue at hand
  • If you’re using multiple online banking and the same password, please login to the other online bankings and change your password and secret answers. It’s preferable if you cancel it too. The scammers can easily make their way through social engineering if they already have your sensitive information and important credentials.

I think that should be enough for you to get a head start. The faster you act, the faster you will save your money and your own time to make things right again. Please spread the love and god bless.

p/s : To all muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. :grin: