HOT : Thunder Cats The Movie trailer released !

We have Transformers the movie, Batman, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and tonnes of other superhero and cartoon movies on the loose. Did you know that soon we will have an addition to it? Yerp, you’re right ! We have Thunder Cats the Movie lined up soon. And here’s the trailer that you won’t regret !

Starring Brad Pitt (as Lion-O), Hugh Jackman (as Tygra), Gigi Edgley (as Cheetara) and Vin Diesel (as Panthro) and special appearance for the cat ! Just watch the youtube clip here and enjoy !


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And also, as a bonus for you reading this post…here’s the trailer for The Gremlins 3 !

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What do you think? It’s awesome right? Credits to Wormy TV :up::up::up: