How to make a print screen ?

The topic sounds lame…I know. But let me try to help you guys with some things on making print screens that you might never know or ever heard of. Let’s go !

Using Windows Print Screen

This is the most basic print screen method that you can get. First of all, you need to know the print screen button on your keyboard. It should say something like PRNT SCRN or Print Screen. It might be different on some keyboards too. This is one of the example.


You can refer to Google Images for more types and varieties of Print Screen button on your keyboard !

Here’s how you can use the Print Screen buttons.

  • Only pressing the Print Screen Button will capture the whole computer screen
  • Pressing ALT button + Print Screen Button will take the active window screenshot.

After that, you can open your Window’s Paint program and save the screen that you just captured. Just go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint (this is Windows XP).

Press CTRL+V to paste your screenshot or you can click Edit > Paste at the navigation bar of the Paint program.


After that, remember to Save your picture before you close the Paint program. You can save it to various formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF and even PNG.

And that’s it for capturing your screen using Windows Screen Shit Shot !

Using Third Party Program

There are a lot of 3rd party programs that you can use to make screenshots of your computer. For instance, I use a tiny program called Capture-A-Screenshot. It’s a very simple program that is very helpful to help you make screenshots. Here’s what the program looks like :


That’s the program main window and the only window you’ll ever see. Let’s divide it to 2 parts, Settings and Capture What?

Settings – you can specify where you want to save the captured image and put the name of screenshots and the program will add 1,2,3 at the back of the filename. So take for an example above, every time I take a screenshot, the first will be print screen 1.jpg, the second one will be print screen 2.jpg and so on. Neat huh ?

Capture What – this another neat feature where you can have the option to capture either the entire screen (just like pressing Print Screen button) OR capturing only the active windows (just like using ALT+Print Screen button) or Selection.

Selection is where you can hold your mouse and drag the curson to select an area you want to capture. It will just capture the area that you just select with the mouse. You can do this using the conventional way but it’s too troublesome. You need to capture the screen, paste it on Paint program and crop it accordingly. With this, it will do it for you instantly !

Interested with the little program? You can download it from [ here ] and it’s a freeware !

I think that’s pretty long for a screenshot entry. Next time, I will show you how to make a screenshot of an entire webpage using Firefox. So stay tuned ! :grin: