How to make a screen shot in Windows Media Player

On my last post for How to take a screenshot, one of my loyal readers, Miss Adila is getting headaches when she’s trying to get screenshots from Windows Media Player. I know a lot of people getting this problem right? Whenever you tried to take a screenshot of your favourite scene on Windows Media Player, whether while it’s running or paused, it always gave you black screen when you pasted it on Paint. So what do you do ? Switch to another player and get screen shot from the other player? Well, let me help you on how to make screen shot on Windows Media Player.

A sample of the black screen :


Ir’s true that there are 3rd party softwares that can do the trick but I prefer the built in internal solution or a free way to do it. So here’s step by step on how to do it.

Change some Windows Media Player default settings.

First of all, what we need to do is to change some default settings on Windows Media Player. I use Windows Media Player 11 on my laptop so it shouldn’t be much different from other Windows Media Player versions.

Open you Windows Media Player. Go to Tools > Options


A new box should pop up. Go to the performance tab and select Advanced.


Another box should pop up. This time look for Use Overlays option. If you’re using the default settings, this will be checked. Uncheck the box and click OK


You might get some warnings but just click OK. Nothing to worry about.

Close the player

Close your Windows Media Player and this should save the settings itself so that you won’t have to change it in the future.

Play your movie and take the screenshot.

Now pick your favourite movie, anime, TV series, cartoon or hentai and just make a screen shot like the one you normally do. Paste it on to Paint or whatever and it should work now. I used one if my favourite TV shows, Prison Break to do the demo. Here’s the full screen print screen from Windows Media Player.


Ok, now you think I’m lying right because you can’t see the player that I took. No problemo, here’s another screenshot to clarify your doubts !


If you have any questions, let me know ! :grin: Will need some time to do the tutorial for Papa Bear since I don’t have any bluetooth printer. :razz: