How to make a screen shot in Windows Media Player

On my last post for How to take a screenshot, one of my loyal readers, Miss Adila is getting headaches when she’s trying to get screenshots from Windows Media Player. I know a lot of people getting this problem right? Whenever you tried to take a screenshot of your favourite scene on Windows Media Player, whether while it’s running or paused, it always gave you black screen when you pasted it on Paint. So what do you do ? Switch to another player and get screen shot from the other player? Well, let me help you on how to make screen shot on Windows Media Player.

A sample of the black screen :


Ir’s true that there are 3rd party softwares that can do the trick but I prefer the built in internal solution or a free way to do it. So here’s step by step on how to do it.

Change some Windows Media Player default settings.

First of all, what we need to do is to change some default settings on Windows Media Player. I use Windows Media Player 11 on my laptop so it shouldn’t be much different from other Windows Media Player versions.

Open you Windows Media Player. Go to Tools > Options


A new box should pop up. Go to the performance tab and select Advanced.


Another box should pop up. This time look for Use Overlays option. If you’re using the default settings, this will be checked. Uncheck the box and click OK


You might get some warnings but just click OK. Nothing to worry about.

Close the player

Close your Windows Media Player and this should save the settings itself so that you won’t have to change it in the future.

Play your movie and take the screenshot.

Now pick your favourite movie, anime, TV series, cartoon or hentai and just make a screen shot like the one you normally do. Paste it on to Paint or whatever and it should work now. I used one if my favourite TV shows, Prison Break to do the demo. Here’s the full screen print screen from Windows Media Player.


Ok, now you think I’m lying right because you can’t see the player that I took. No problemo, here’s another screenshot to clarify your doubts !


If you have any questions, let me know ! :grin: Will need some time to do the tutorial for Papa Bear since I don’t have any bluetooth printer. :razz:

  • sgt berguna info ni.

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    • Ayu Fans

      this is great! now i can screenshot any scene in the whole video clip. this is a pro thing…..thanks a lot, this means a lot to me

      • |1f34|-|1r3

        you are welcomed ! drop by again !

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  • aku pakai gom player
    senang nak buat screenshot. hehe :mrgreen:

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  • begitu rupanya~ hehe
    thanks 😀

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  • rajin btul ko try menatang nih..aku dulu pernah print screen, bila fail, terus cari software.. tahniah utk ko sebab masih tak putus asa..heh :up:

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  • apasal kak jie malas ye skrg ni ber xperimen secara teknikal…hahaha..dah monapause kot :mrgreen:

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  • skang dah musim GOM.. sapa2 guna windows media player, leh lupakan.. guna GOM plak.. macam2 ada.. hehee..

    ape pon thanks bro… berkongsi informasi 😀

    dulu x silap aku leh wat screenshot kat windows media player.. tekan ctrl + L kot tak silap.. tapi tu sampai v10 je.. masuk v11, dah kecoh… malas nak layan.. ngaa..

  • thanks, very useful lah

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  • Aku pakai Snipping Tool. The best crop + copy +paste in the world!!!

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  • aku lagi suka Media Player Classic, sbb ada option untuk save picture as terus, takyah susah-susah.. 😀

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  • wo man! nice one.. thanks! 😉

    cus i am facing the same prob jugak when i try to take screenshot from WMP.. i am going to try nanti. thank you.. 😉

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  • pehhh. layan pizen break. igt layan GG td. hehe!

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  • haha..aku pakai benq nye laptop..
    nak amik screenshot cukup senang dengan satu butang je..hee 😀
    nice tutorial~ 🙂 keep it up!

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  • wahh.. sangat bagus info ini!! :up: nanti akan kucuba juga!!!

    By the way, wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year 2009… semoga cepat2 dapat kumpul duit dan jemput aku p kenduri kawin ko dgn callister! hehehehe

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  • salam bro… ehehehe
    aku ni tengah pening. baru abes setup WP
    untuk hosting berbayar… susah gak upenye,

    so backlink kat atas ni adalah domain + hosting
    baru aku. thanks for sharing bro~


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  • woo.. 😯

    sekian lama aku mencari.. tq 😀

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  • sila apdet artikel kenang2 2008. akoo ngan aeorapama belog huduh sudah up. kau bila lg?

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  • waa.
    ada cara mudah rupanya..
    selalunya pakai software lain..

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  • Nice tip! Back then I was desperately googling for sharewares that allow me to capture screenshots for videos and what I downloaded were all viruses and spyware 😛 I didn’t directly discover it – but rather, I read about how video players use overlays to reduce their taxing effects on your CPU and I guessed that there might be a way to turn off the overlay. I poked around a little and found out. Haha!

    Oh, and the same trick applies to virtually all other video players around like Realplayer and etc. More DVD players usually have a screen capture function which make lives a lot easier because you don’t have to crop the screenshot.

    Just an additional tip to those who’re at ease with working with Photoshop – if you’re mass capturing screenshots from a video player, you can actually take advantage of the ‘Actions’ funciton of Photoshop – you simply have to record the cropping action, and then apply it to all other screenshots you’ve pasted in the canvas 😀 so you don’t have to keep zooming in for precise cropping.

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  • argh!!!!!!!!! tenkiu2. dem. bende ni la yg ak cari selame ni. xley nk capture skrin video. tanx a lot.

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  • aku masih kekal dengan software yg aku jumpa aritu. hehe..

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  • wow!!!!
    thats so easy….

    nak try pas nih….
    tapi xder software WMP…
    kalo sy pakai widow media classic?

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  • wah, jadik la.. camni bleh la save gambar “ehem2” dgn lebih mudah..

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  • waaah..x tau pun.. 🙂

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  • dah lame aku tak jengok blog bro nie….bz sikit lately….setiap kali aku masuk kompem ade info yg berguna tuk aku…tahniah bro…keep it up bro…..toinnkkk….tabik spring satu…hahaha…

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