Increasing your blog traffic part 2

In my last article, I talked about Entrecard right? I hope my last article on entrecard has served you well. I hope you’re enjoying traffic increase from entrecard to your blog/site. If you have any question regarding entrecard, let me know in the comments or you can use the contact me page to send your questions. Without further delay, let’s go to the next part.

To start the second part, let me remind you this is the way I’m getting my traffic from. There’s no exact science in getting traffic from me because I’m no expert in blogging but I’m sharing what I do to get more traffic. With that in mind, let’s proceed to the next part on getting more traffic to your blog. This time I’m going to talk about news aggregator.

What the hell is news aggregator?

Basically it’s a site where you can publish or submit your blog entry or content so that it can reach higher views or a larger audience. Famous sites such as received a lot of visitors everyday so if you content is useful to them, most likely more people will view your blog. Usually news aggregator site will have voting systems. If they like your articles, they will vote you up so that your site will be on top of the list and most likely you’ll have much more views if you’re at the top. To make it simple, more votes will get you more views !

I’m still confused….

To put it simple, refer to this youtube video. It’s more or less like RSS, but this time news aggregator becomes Google Reader and blog sending RSS feed to the google reader are the bloggers submitting blog contents.

<a href=""></a>

Simple enough, any drawbacks?

As simple as it sounds, there area drawback. Let’s say you posted something that really interesting, people will come to your blog. Wait, is that the purpose of this entry? Yeah, right. But imagine hundreds or thousands of people flooding your blog at the same time, you’ll ended up with burned bandwidth and your blog might go down because of it.

That’s scary, but I still want to try that…

So, if you still want to know how it feels like, here’s a list of news aggregators that I use to submit my blog content. There’s a lot of news aggregator out there but here’s a list for starters.

Local news aggregator

  2. Innit (if you’re registered with Nuffnang)
  3. Petaling Street Project
  5. Layann or

International news aggregator

  1. Digg
  2. Yahoo Buzz
  3. Mixx (Entrecards’ own news aggregator)

There…those 8 sites should get you started for now.

Any last words or tips?

Yes, I have 2 tips that I want to give you on the news aggregator.

  1. Be proactive. Sometimes people wait for others to submit their blog content to the news aggregator. Take your own initiative to submit yours to the news aggregator, then other people just have to vote you. Submitting blogs might take a while but voting people up just with a click of mouse button.
  2. Get news aggregator with lots of visitors. This is important because with a small community of people reading it, there might not be much traffic can be gained from it.
  3. Know your target visitors. If you’re blogging in Malay, it might be not worth your time submitting your blog content to or Although there’s somebody out there who will vote for you because they understand Malay, it’s better if you just stick with the local ones.
  4. Sometimes famous sites like digg can become a disadvantage to you. This is because when there’s too much information at a time, people tend to ignore some great posts because there’s too many things to read at a time and there’s much more coming at the same time. Be creative to catch the readers eyes with catchy titles and precise but put a little bit of mystery in the description so that people are eager to read it
  5. Experiment and experiment. That’s what important. Get a list of news aggregator, test it out for a few weeks and see the results from the news aggregator. If it’s not worth your time, better find somewhere else to post. It’s not worth your time to submit your blog to a certain site sometimes.

With that, I’ll end my long entry this time. Let me know your thoughts or tips so that I can add it up to my list ! And don’t forget to check out too and update your RSS feed with it.:mrgreen:

And for those who haven’t register with Adgitize, please do so because in my next post ( or next to the next post), I will tell you more about Adgitize and how can we benefit from it.