Kongsiblog.org for sale !

My fellow blogger, Sabri Ahmad decided to let go one of his blogs including the domain name and concentrating to a new project. Here’s a short info from his blog that he wanted to sell, kongsiblog.org.

He included the traffic details from the blog in his post. The starting price will be RM500 and it’s opened for a month. Easy payment plan can be discussed with him, not really sure how the payment plan will be. I don’t really know the revenue stream for the blog each month but maybe you can get the details from him. I’m sure he’s willing to let you know the money he generated from the blog each month.

Stats generated from Crime Genius’s page rank checker:

Technorati rank = None
Technorati inblogs(authority) = 0
Technorati inlinks = 0
Technorati last update = None
Google pagerank = 2
Alexa popularity = 1801962
Alexa backlink = 113
Google backlink = 23
Yahoo inlink = 4845
Google indexed = 1,160
Yahoo indexed = 629
MSN indexed = 94
AllTheWeb result = 38
Altavista result = 38
Exactrank = 0
Googlebot last access = 0
Blogworth = $31,049.70
Listed in DMOZ or not ? Not


Please refer to the link [ here ] for more information on the blog sale or you can contact Sabri Ahmad directly using the contact form. This is quite an established blog, so if there’s any fellow blogger that is looking for a self-hosted WordPress with a nice domain name, you better grab this opportunity. :smile:

p/s : He also offered 5% of the last offer he got to the person who managed to sell the blog. So you can make some money too if you spread the news. If I’m the person, every single will be donated to charity.