Searching flickr using colours

Ever had a trouble looking pictures on flickr that matches your blog layout or theme? Sometimes you’re making a theme with a black and orange layout and it looked dull without any graphics (like this blog :grin:). So you decided to get an image somewhere on flickr but you’re having  a hard time looking for a picture that suits your blog theme? Fear not, multicolr is here !

Multicolr is a site that allows you to search flickr using the color palettes. Still wondering how it works? Here’s some info from the website.

We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour.

See how it works in the screenshot below. In the screenshot, I’m trying to find pictures using the orange, black and a few other colours that match the desired output.


As simple as that. There are other similar services from Idee Inc Labs search tool for other image sharing sites other than flickr. Similar services also can be applied to Alamy Stock Photography. There you go. Now you have a new way to search photos on flickr and Alamy Stock Photos. Have fun ! :razz:

  • That’s an interesting one, there will be more of these search engines for pictures and videos as time goes by.

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  • haha. ade pengakuan ikhlas kat atas. bangga jap jd reader belog nie!

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  • dunia internet semakin canggih dan menarik! impressive!

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  • hurmm.. menaruik gak ye.. nanti senang nak cari gambar yang bertepatan dengan tema dan warna ye.. wah..!!

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  • ko ada akaun flickr tak life4hire? aku nk join 😉

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  • hehe seb baik aku nyer theme puteh so match dengan segala kaler lah 🙂

  • d2z

    wow..this is kinda cool~

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  • cool tapi saya x guna flickr… heheh

  • lalu lalang intai2 sebelah mata je…

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  • Life4Hire, this is a very interesting post from you.. Seriously. Cus most of the time, blogger akan rs susah nak cari gambar header yang sesuai (especially) untuk blog diorang… Tapi I was wondering, ada jugak gambar2 dalam Flickr tu ynag tak leh kita ambik sbb ada copyright reserved…

  • Ah, baru perasan. Blog aku miskin gambar². Dengan dedahan ni, senang la sikit proses penyeri (kalau rajin,miahaha).

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  • wow.. rajinyee explore website!! bagus gak xyah susah2 aku nk survey tmpt lain.. 🙂

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  • very nice and well explained! 😀

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