Technology updates and freebies.

This is going to be a short post from me. Just a few pointers and technology freebies for my readers. It’s been a while since I wrote any tutorials or update the blog. I’ve been very busy catching up with all the work at the office after 5 days of holiday. I can’t imagine how much of work I need to face if I took 5 weeks of holiday. So here goes short technology update from me.

WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” released


The latest version of WP 2.7 released under the code name of “Coltrane” and I’m proud to say that I’ve upgrade to the latest version. You can get more information on the latest WordPress release here.

You can download the latest WordPress from the official site or you can use WordPress Automatic Upgrade. I’ve tested it with my blog and it works great for WordPress 2.7. You can refer to my old tutorial on upgrade WordPress using WPAU.

Google Chrome is out from beta stage


Google’s own browser is out of beta stage. The official announcement is at Google Blog. They boasted improvement to the latest stable version such as:

  • Better stability and performance of plug-ins (particularly video)
  • Faster in terms of start up, page loads or in short, everything is faster with Google Chrome.
  • Bookmark manager and privacy controls

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome here.

Free One Year license of McAfee Anti virus


Yeah, you heard it right. Free Mc Afee anti virus for the whole year. I will spare the details and let Kuan Hoong do all the explanation. In short, you could get free anti virus for next year and personally, Mc Afee is one of the best anti-virus that I ever used.

Point your browsers to Kuan Hoong’s post on Download McAfee Antivirus for FREE One Year License

How to spend your time at the office

Option 1


Option 2


What’s your choice? Mine is the second first option ! :razz:

  • hahahaha. me too i want options 2. but then again if i really do that, it means more works for me again though. hahahaha.

    Taukey´s last blog post..Kursus Belajar Joomla

  • waahh advance sih.. da siap upgrade!

    Star´s last blog post..Anda pengguna facebook?

  • hi bro,
    i’ve upgraded to WP2.7 too. There are lot new features in it. the design and looks and awesome! i’ve made some review about the new apps in it. Check it out!

    zulhusni´s last blog post..Finally, Upgraded to WordPress 2.7!

  • i’m still waiting google chrome for mac version 🙁

    azlan´s last blog post..Mac+iPod Discovery Week(One Utama)

  • wordpress baru nyer dashboard sgt cool and neat..
    suke just agak kekok sb belum membiasakn diri lagi..
    anyway thx u cyg sb tlg upgradekan..

    callister´s last blog post..Keys and worm

  • thanks for that free stuff bro..haha, already got one.. 😀

  • lum upgrade…………bz tahap dewa

  • erm.. WP ver2.7??? ehehehe… lepas 2 hari aku upgrade
    dari version 2.7RC… terus keluar ver2.7. Tapi tanpa berpikir panjang
    aku terus jer upgrade lagi sekali… keh keh keh.. .bukan susah pon
    kalau server wordpress aku ade kat sebelah… pakai VNC pon boleh.

    tapi yang best pasal:- Spend Time kat Office Option 2… muahaha tak bleh blah~


    Kreuger´s last blog post..Aku tak tau macam mane nak kasik cooldown…. argh~

  • just upgraded to 2.7 and now replacing Chrome Beta!

    shaxx´s last blog post..New Year… New What?

  • aku malas nak upgrade lagi. biarkan dulu. biar sampai diorang pakse aku upgrade. haha..

    titan´s last blog post..Gambar Panas dan Cek Adsense

  • function yg plg aku suka adalah quick post dan sticky post.

    nak reply komen pun senang.

    ps: gua dah kembali menulis. lu suka tak?

    syam´s last blog post..Jurutera Sebagai Pasangan Ideal?

  • tak faham lah gamba how to spend your time at the office tuh.. huhu

    saffa´s last blog post..Fynn Jamal, Ana Raffali dan Yuna

  • hehe same la kite bro…dah upgrade….aku pilih option 2…hahahah…kejam tak aku….ekekeke

    kazdo´s last blog post..Flipzowblog kini WordPress 2.7

  • WP 2.7 is good but complicated for me. Just upgraded to it though. 🙂

    ahmike´s last blog post..Mobile Blogging

  • d2z

    google chrome nih dia auto update..aku check kat about tu tgk2 dah x beta dh..bookmark manager tu bgus laa dh ada..sbb dlu aku comment yg tu suh bg ada..haha..

    d2z´s last blog post..Taman Safari Bandung

  • Yay I’m equally elated that WP2.7 is out! Although there are a handful of people complaining that the new navigation system makes them to learn all over again, WP2.7 is highly optimised and the loading time is significantly improved. Due to plugin compatibility issues, I have no plans to upgrade my blog’s WP to version 2.7 but I have it installed locally on my harddisk for testing purposes… and so far I have nothing but praises for it.

    Have fun with the new WP! 😀

    teddY´s last blog post..Three days in cloud nine

  • still not upgrade to 2.7. but i will do soon. I’m not using chrome yet. just prefer with mozilla.

    adsense alternative´s last blog post..Make Money with Backlinks

  • oh I’m so outdated that I didn’t know Google Chrome is out from beta stage! LOL! Luckily I got my internet connection back … and will try to catch up with you guys as much as I can … but first thing first.. my hosting is expiring soon. .. uwa… duit lagi….

    melbie´s last blog post..I’m Lost…