Free 250GB file hosting for 30 years

If you guys are looking for a public file hosting similar to Rapidshare or Megaupload, then today is your lucky day. I’m offering you guys an opportunity to get a 250 GB file hosting for 30 years. Did I say it was completely free? This offer is brought by

The reason that the site is offering the free hosting are to encourage people to send and share their documents online instead of printing it out and distribut it. In short, it’s to save trees from being cut and processed into papers. An online storage up to 250 GB is a very generous offer I should say and I let my screenshots do the talking.

Filedropper interface

Just to add, I find using the filedropper is very easy, clean layouts and very simple to understand. They also have a karma system where they pay users with the most karma each month. You get karma when someone downloads your uploaded files. As simple as that. I think I prefer this filedropper now than my good old Shareapic.

To get this free online hosting, just click on the image below and be quick. This offer is valid until 31st January 2009 (in which they have extended from 15 January 2009).


Please DIGG IT or NANG IT or FAVE IT this entry to Negaraku so that more people will be aware of this opportunity and hopefully more trees can be save with the effort! Thanks ! :up::grin:

  • tq tqt tq tq tq mmg useful

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  • Joe

    Giving away tons of free and then not capitalizing on it sounds a lot like the late MediaMax. Is FileDropper going to go that way too? I then risk having my files left on a companies servers as they go out business.

    I recommend considering companies that have sounds business models like Mozy, http:/MyOtherDrive,com, or

  • 250GB is like a size of a hardisk…. But if they really going to make the promise, 250GB is not enough for 30 years of usage.

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  • I’m still using a 120gb hardisk….

  • weweeet~
    sgt suwit~

    btw.. diorang nyer validation ntah hape2!!
    aku register once, tersalah validation code
    so patah balik
    then TERsubmit the form before aku rewrite password
    and.. it got accepted lol

    bulih pulak mcm tu.. hrmm..
    nak login xleh la kan haha

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  • owh..its looks like somehow the interface and even the system looks the same. btw, right now has no more offer for free account. i got it one last time. anyway, this one also good free service. thanks.

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  • i've signed up for it already! 😉 🙂

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  • woho. nice info bro! :up:

    btw, i hope shareapic really pay me. uhuh :halo:

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  • wah really useful indeed! thanks yam!

  • izinkan daku mengrefer artikel ko ni di blog ku.. kalu tak sudi pun, sudi2kan lah 😛 .. apa2pun ..thanks :up:

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  • Thanks a lot. That would come in handy. What great offer :up:

  • betul ker dah extended? knapa still tulis 15jan kat situ?

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  • eyh,.. memang still leh register! Thanks A LOT! LIFE4HIRE memang best.. hahah..

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  • great!
    keep it coming!

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  • thanks.. useful :up:

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  • hoho..ok. nanti aku sambar. 😉

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  • thumbs up!

  • serbu2. tp sila gunakan dgn was2. 😛

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  • :up: :up:
    two thumb up..thanx there

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  • sempat sign up tadi sebelum beberapa minit je nk ke pukul 12. huahuahhua.. thanks for sharing 😀

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