Free Ubuntu guide download

Ever fancied to try linux? If you’re thinking to try Linux as your alternative operating system other than Windows or Mac OS, you can use one of many Linux distribution out there. Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, Slackware, Mandriva and others are commonly used by people all around the world. Linux has grown to a height that no one can ever imagine before.

If you’re looking for a start, I would recommend Ubuntu as your first distribution. Back when I’m in the university, I always try a lot of Linux distribution. I can assure you that my favourite is Ubuntu because it’s widely used by people all around the world so if you’re stuck at something, you can always google about it and most likely you’ll find an answer for your questions.


If you’re reluctant to format your PC and make a new partition for your first Linux, you can always use a virtual emulation software and install your first linux on it. Virtualization software such as VMware and virtualbox are 2 widely used platform emulation software. We can talk in depth about virtualization techniques if you’re interested. Just let me know about it :smile:


So for your first linux guide, you can download this free Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference. You can read and go through the book and I assure you that this is the real deal. Although this book is distributed as free stuff, but the content is worth as an expensive book at the store shelves. I can say that this book is what you need to start your first Ubuntu desktop. It even covers installing Ubuntu on VMware !

Alternative download link : Official site