I’m earning USD453.18 from Adsense today!

You read the title alright. Still don’t believe me? I’ll let my screenshot do the talking for you!

My biggest adsense earning

As much as I want to be it true, I have to say that it’s fake? And actually it’s pretty simple to make. Just go to http://googleadsensegenerator.com, put your todays and yesterday’s earning if you want to and press Make Money. As simple as that and the “screenshot” will be generated to you.

Google Adsense Generator

Putting this into mind (as well as the good laugh fooling others), remember this is one of the way the scammers, frauds and dishonest e-book sellers put in their ebooks. So it’s better to get a picture of them with their Google Adsense checks instead of earning screenshots! :lol: