How to send a fake email to your friends

Warning : Please don’t use this technique to scam people. This is just a knowledge sharing on how easy to do this.

I know a lot of people have spam and phishing emails in their inbox. Sometimes it looks very legitimate and as real as the original email. One of the way that we can use to know whether it’s fake or not is to look at the sender’s email. But what if the sender’s email also look legitimate and the real deal? The main question, is it really possible?

If you ask me, then I would say it’s possible to do this. Let me show you a way to do this and it’s really simple. I use a web service called Dead Fake at

Go to and click on send fake email

You will get something like below and just fill out whatever you want there.

sending fake emailThere’s a captcha so that it will not be utilize by spam bots. Fill in the captcha and click send now. You will get a notification saying that the email has been delivered.


After a while, i received the email in my inbox. I can say apart from the content, it looks legitimate to me. :razz:


The only problem with the service is that you will have a notification at the bottom of the email saying it’s fake. I wonder how many people actually read something so bottom in their emails? :!:

So you’ve seen how scammers and phising sites send out their fake emails. In the next post, I will talk about how to avoid and recognize phishing emails. So stay tune to this blog by subscribing to my RSS feeds. :XO: