Use to check site is down or not

I once wrote about a site that can help you check if your site is down or up in case you can’t access it. This is important to know if you’re the only one having the problem or there are others having the same problem. One of the most common thing that could be the reason is your ISP is blocking the connection to the website. If you guys missed the post, read my last post titled “How to check if your site is down

Yesterday, I got a comment from someone on that post. He/she is using the nick isthatsitedown and apparently he/she is promoting his own service of checking if your site or blog is really down or it’s just a problem that you’re having and no one else is experiencing it. The service is called Is that site down which you can check out at


What do I think on the website ?


The interface is simple and straight forward. There’s no hanky panky stuff on the website, loads very fast and gives you an accurate result. You just need to type the URL of the site you want to check whether it’s down or not, and just click the “Down” button. It will give you the result in a second. I did a test on mine and here’s the result.



Just nice and simple. It also gave me the IP address of the hosting. Let’s do another test.

This is time I’m using a bogus URL just to test if it gives an accurate result. Well, you can see it for yourself.


And the author also included a few other features on the site.

  • sharing the information using to social bookmarking
  • a contact option in case you want to notify them their site is down
  • a mobile version for the service in case you’re using a mobile phone on 3Gor GPRS connection
  • a blog that I don’t really know the purpose yet, maybe to track the changes made to the site.

What I hope the site have in the future

  • Instead of checking manually, there’s an option where we can monitor our site to see if it’s down or not. If it’s down, a notification email will be automatically sent to our email address.
  • Add more portability to it other than email, it can send to our mobile (might be expensive) or at least sent to our twitter notifying us that the site is down.
  • the DOWN button is not really noticeable. I know the idea is to make it blend with the site but I found it was annoying to figure out where to click. I know I always can hit ENTER to submit the data but it’s always nice to make the button more outstanding so the first timers know where to click.

That’s all. Have fun using the free service ! :grin:

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  • :up: thank you for review , you made me notice some stuffs .. and some upgrade i can do .

    about blog : yes it to make direct connect with visitors , they can say what they see , comment on upgrades , and as you said track our news .

    really i appreciated your help , thanks very much :XO:

  • o yeah!
    blog sy ok saja…he3…

    ye la..
    web die simple dan cute…
    x serabut sangat…

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  • bro klo senang2 tlg clarify something sket bley? –>

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  • blog aku tengah down.
    tapi dia show aku nyer blog tengah up
    confuse aku kejap. haha

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  • my site up hehehe

  • *off-topic*

    wah,cantik dan kemas la blog ni! baru sebulan saya tak jenguk sini,dah banyak perubahan ada.. :up:

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  • d2z

    camna nk tau site tu kena block ka x dgn pihak atasan..hehe

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  • hehe. aku dah try site tu. not bad. 😉

  • simple.. ala2 google..

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  • lol very useful brother :up: my blog is up although stremyx is so down.

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  • beloq aku selalu gak down. tp kejap2 je. leh test nih. err.. callister mana bro? lama diamkn diri.

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  • Nice recommendation! It always bothers me sometimes when my blog is inaccessible – is it because of an ISP hiccup, a faulty internet connection, a fire in my host company’s server compartment (that happened once and it took my site down) or etc.

    For the features that you’re wishing for, I did a little Googling around and there’s a site that offers slightly better features: Are my sites up?. However, one downside is that you’ll have to register (it’s free though!).

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  • Wa…baru tau nie….bagus la info ko nie….ley aq try pasnie

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  • woo… nice… thanks for the info…

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  • Aku punya masalah ialah block dari IT
    ada solution??
    he he he

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  • ouh..

    nice stuff 🙂 :up:

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  • bila tgk site mcm ni, timbul pulak idea aku nak buat site Are ur virgin up? , huu.. so gadis2 nge jejaka lain boleh check samada mereka masih gadis atau teruna… BIJAK ni, ET mesti suka… hark.. hark… saudara life4hire xnak cuba check?

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  • thanks guys ,

    thanks for your comments

    but i can’t under stand which wrote in other language , can someone translate please 🙂

  • Cool enuff..but best if you interface the XMLRPC instead as it’s a status check if it’s XAMPP or SQL or APACHE error or if the fella did not pay his bill (suspended)

    Best regards

    azrin @

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  • Hahaha.. i just use this site to check my site sbb tak dapat bukak tadi.. n yeah.. it down. LOL…

  • awat lama tak update blog ni???

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  • I actually learn a lot from your life4hire. Good tips…

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  • Nice info bro

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  • domain name berceloteh, but your blog is a lot more informative than mine 😛 sure will need this with my hosting :up:


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