How to get automatic notification on page rank changes

I don’t really have any problem checking my pageranks. Mainly because I only maintain 3 blogs at the moment which this blog, as well as callister’s blog. But this might change in the future. I’m trying to dedicate my time to work on more blogs in the future so I might need something like this in the future.

For someone who’s really serious in blogging and earning income from blogs such as Rohaizad and Titan (God knows how many blogs they have at the moment), page rank plays an important part in determining blog income and managing multiple blogs take too much time. If you have 10 blogs, then you need to check 10 blogs for page ranks. Let me make your life easier.

Page Rank Alert will notify you if there’s any changes to your blog PR through your email. Nice huh! All you have to do is go to Page Rank Alert and register your account there. The registration is very simple and it will be done under 1 minute. After that you can login to the service and add your pages to check for PR.

You don’t have to do anything because the default settings will send an email if there’s any changes to your page rank. At the moment, I have 2 PR 3 blogs and 1 blog with PR 1.

page rank alert

More information provided in the site.

page rank alert detail

You also have the option to subscribe the changes to your blog’s PR using RSS instead of email ! Just click the RSS feed in the detail page. So there you go, just another nice service to make your life easier !