Looking for a nice plat numbers?

I always fancy nice plate numbers as well as the car that is using the plate number. Usually some old vehicle owners still kept their old vehicles and renew the road tax every year, not for the sake of their love for the vehicles but for the sake of the plate numbers. These kind of people make a fortune by selling plate numbers and not the vehicle itself.

This is an example of Malaysian plate number : WRX 9600

I don’t know why Malaysia didn’t implement plate number system as such in United Kingdom or America. We have the first letter to identify the state the vehicle registered and it can have up 3 characters at the moment, followed by up to 4 numbers at the back. Calculating this for the growth of car sale in certain states, we’re going to be out of plate numbers soon. What’s next?

United Kingdom’s system is similar to Malaysia but it’s much more informational. Let’s see an example of plate number from UK : LA 58 YAM

L = shows the region of the car registered, in this case it’s London

A = shows the DVLA office registered, in this case it’s Wimbledon

58 = the age of the car (not by years)

YAM = random 3 characters

I stumbled on a great website to check for cherished number plates for people in United Kingdom. We can search for available plate number according to characters we want or we can ask to buy if it’s already owned by someone else. I wonder if Malaysia have this kind of plate number system or website.