Donations needed for Sembang Komputer

I know a lot of you guys heard of Sembang Komputer right? For those who haven’t heard of it, let me make a quick introduction for Sembang Komputer.

Sembang Komputer is a blog which shares a lot of useful tips for the readers on computers tips, hardware, software and other useful tips regarding computers and internet. It’s a one man show from MK with some guest bloggers on the free time like Noktah Hitam and me.


At the moment, the hosting and domain name for Sembang Komputer is going to expire and the owner have some financial problems on renewing the domain and hosting. So I would really love my readers to donate to Sembang Komputer and in return, you will be featured on the blog for a year!

Sembang Komputer is a blog which have a lot of followers which would be a great loss to the community. The RSS subscribers of 669 should tell you on how many people following the blog. And if you look closely at the blog, there’s no single advertisement on it, even Nuffnang ! I personally know the owner of Sembang Komputer, he’s a small and humble guy, with mission to educate the community and Malaysian on computers and internet, without any profit!

So guys, if you think you can help to save Sembang Komputer, contact the owner directly at or use the contact form at his blog. If you have a blog, can you please spread the words ? I’m trying to find MK a sponsor for his blog and at the current moment, any donations as little as RM 1 is very much appreciated ! :mrgreen: