How to make a full screen shot of a web page

Question : How to make a full screenshot of your page or any website ?

Method 1 : The painful way of screenshot

You can use the old style of the screenshot and paste it in Paint. Edit and crop the pictures before you combine the pictures into a single picture. Too hard if you ask me. But in case you might want the thrill, you can refer to my tutorials on creating screenshots in my previous posts.

How to make a print screen ?

How to make a screen shot in Windows Media << in case you’re interested.

Method 2 : Use an online screenshot service.

There are various of screenshot service that can be used to make a full page screenshot of your blog or favourite website and most of it are free. Is this really a great things. Yes and no actually. Usually they will work like charm but sometimes they don’t. This is because:

  • they need to load the whole page before they took the screenshot and
  • sometimes because there are too many people using it, you might have to wait before your site can be captured.

Take for instance, I tested it out with a few websites and it worked great but it doesn’t work on my blog because of some issues.


Furthermore thumbizy is quite slow in making the screenshots so I won’t bother with it. But you can find alternatives using Google.

Method 3 : The best, simplest and recommended way.

This is for Mozilla Firefox only. All you have to do is install a small add on called Screen Grab. Go to this link to download ScreenGrab. After you download the addon, you might have to restart your firefox before it can be used. Let me show you how easy it is with this video.

<a href=""></a>

High quality AVI video download here

So in the demo, I used my blog as the example. If you noticed earlier, I make two screenshots of the page. Let’s see what I really did.

full page screenshot

The picture above shows my blog in full page screenshot. You need to click it to view the whole picture. The second one is below.


The second option allow me to capture only a selective part of my blog. In this case I took a screenshot of an entry of my blog.

So now you’ve seen how easy to make a screenshot of a full page website or blog.