Can you use internet to send fax?

Do you still remember fax machine? A fax machine looks like a land line telephone but it’s slightly bigger and it can print out the fax that it received from the sender. Usually, the most notable thing about fax machine is it makes a loud noise which usually annoying.

You might be wondering, who needs fax when we already have emails as an alternate ways of communication? Some part of it is true, but some don’t. You might be surprised seeing how fax still play a big role in certain departments. For an example, take my own experience. I need to renew my car’s road tax and insurance and I need to send in my copy of identity card to the company. They insisted me to send it through the fax system instead of as an attachment through email. I’m not sure what is the reason but the main point is, fax is still relevant in this modern age.

Since the insurance company needs my personal information urgently, I had to run all over my hometown for shops that offer fax services. After a few hours of searching, I finally managed to fax the documents to the insurance company. Imagine how troublesome it is when you need it the most.

Then I found out we can use internet to send fax, just like we use the normal fax machine. Some online service needs you to install a software before you can send your fax and some are just straight forward from your email or upload your attachment to their server. Some services require a little fee and some are completely free. As a starting point, you can check the best internet to fax services here.