Understanding risks for small business loans and financing

Although I believe I have a great job and stable earning every month, but I always have a dream to have my own business. Right now, I’m a firewall specialist in Checkpoint products as well as dealing with Cisco products, I believe that someday I will call it a day and quit my job to run my own business.

I haven’t decided on the nature of the business that I will have in the future; maybe I will open a consultation company or completely take another path which totally not related to computers and information technology at all. I’m sure everyone dreams to have their own company and be the boss, but it’s not a simple thing to do.

One of the uphill tasks that people find difficult is not the nature of the business, but the starting capital for the company. Office lease, employees’ salary and the bills each month could be hard on some people. Sometimes people think they had saved enough to survive all this but they’re mistaken.

One way to overcome this problem as well as planning to expand your business can be achieved by getting loans from banks, Business Loan Financing Companies or external financing from banks or other financial institution but without an expert in the field, it’s the same digging your own grave or lead your empire to disaster unless you have a reliable financial adviser.

Understanding the issues surrounding small business loans and business financing becomes easier with Jon M Queen, a well-known financial analyst. Know more about Jon Queen’s profile through his blog.

  • I was very tough for newcomer company to get loan for starting bussiness that way they go and get from Along later facing problem..

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  • hehehe… I myself own a network security company beside still working as a senior network security consultant with one of the company doing Oil & Gas in Kemaman, Terengganu….

    right now my company moves by it own with only 3 staff…

    – one marketing guy
    – one technical support guy
    – one security consultant guy.

    Our business only covers network forensic.

  • hmm..target nak buka syarikat ape bro? :mrgreen:

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  • Adeh,ingatkan dah tak sampai kotak komen ni~ gile lembap internet saya malam ni.. T_T

    Oh,open up business?! hmm.. baru je kena brainwashed minggu lepas pasal bisnes. tapi seriously, saya tak minat nk berbisnes..

    hope your dream comes true 🙂

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    • |1f34|-|1r3

      hohoho…cam kenal? apa nama dia? haha

  • i think doing online business is better.

    but sometimes offline give u more (i experienced it 😛 )

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    • |1f34|-|1r3

      wahhahaha..tuh dia…ko wat bisnes aper beb? cam pakar selok belok perniagaan je?

  • fulaweh…
    memang otak biz la bro nih…hehe

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  • hehe. aku cam kenal jer entri ni :mrgreen:

  • t.a.t.a

    dulu saya pun tak minat bisnes jugak. tapi sejak join dgn bos saya bukak syarikat ni, rasa seronok jugak buat bisnes ni. bila kita dah tau selok belok, market dan produk apa kita nak jual, semua jadi senang. tapi yg penting kena berani ambil risiko, dan kena disiplin kan diri asingkan duit kampeni ngan personal, kalau tak susah jadi nya.

  • if bro nak wat loan waktu-waktu ni kurang digalakkan. If nak wat business loan x ssh actually, tapi jgn guna banker, mayb thru mara or tekun tapi kena updates kalo dorang ada wat offer yang special baru amik. if nak guna banker, amik islamic finance, because interest rate akan fix even economi jatuh.. amik conventional loan, siap la if nething happen pada ekonomi! apa-pun buat bisnes is the best. cuma kne berani take risk.. tapi b4 amik risk kne wat research dulu untuk cari possible outcomes, so ull be ready utk berdepan apa pun keadaan..

  • muda2 xyah biz ar. cam akoo tlg sis pun, cam xde ape je. bek cari pengalaman. stat kompeni kecik, g kompeni besar. waaa. akoo nk balik glc. huuu!

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  • I think in the past there are many people who have the idea of starting business but didn’t give much thought to financial management and etc, and some even blindly borrowed loans from different banks to finance other loans. This indiscriminate extension of loans by bank, and the erratic borrowing behavior partially caused the global economic slump we’re having nowadays.

    You’re right about handling the financial aspect of management – a lot of planning is needed and it’s not like when one thinks he has enough money to cover the variable costs of a business he can start one.

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  • actully for Biz loan financing is easy..depend how u do it..first,just apply and give any doc that u had; the next choice is present what u have to the bank….difren way difren result..v do alot of biz loan financing…