Further applications of GPS for tracking people

On my last post for “Using GPS to track people instead of calculating location“, I received a mixed feedback from my readers on the topic. Some agrees, some disagree and some offers other type of application on GPS Tracking for benefits of people and society. Better yet, some ponders on how far we can push GPS technology to the limit.

Personally, I don’t really mind being tracked with GPS to the extend of my love ones and surely not by some strangers. It makes me feel creepy being tracked by someone who I don’t know but my heart will be at ease because my loved ones know where I am whenever they wanted to know. You can’t really be sure if something happened to you and your family and friends are searching all over the place after you went missing.

Another application that I can think of is using GPS Tracking to track criminals and other people who potentially can harm other people such as sex offenders. The law enforcement can track the criminals and keep a log of their locations on daily basis. This way, when a crime took place, they can search the logs and find a possible suspect based on the logs that they keep and cross reference it with the time and date when the incident took place. This way, they can find the possible suspect easily and at the same time, they have evidence that the suspect was there when the incident happened.

And I also happened to have an idea for a business plan. We can design a watch or a body accessory for tracking their vital statistics and wires them to the GPS. We set up a monitoring facility to track the GPS Tracking device worn by the people who bought it. When their vital stats are declining or their heart beat stopped, the GPS device will be triggered and the signal will be captured by the monitoring center. The center might call them to check if they’re alright or can straight away call the hospital, the police or the firemen, depending on their situation or if there’s no response at all. Wow, believe me, I think this is possible in the future. The technology is there and it’s a matter of time before something like this enters the market.

Feel free to voice out your ideas and comments on this post. How can we extend the GPS technology to the fullest?