Are you satisfied with your satellite provider?

When talking about satellite dish, one name came into our minds? For sure it’s Astro. Since Astro is holding the only right and became the only satellite TV provider, we don’t have any choice for favourite soccer games during the weekend but to subscribe to it anyway. I don’t know what happened to MITV but seems like it’s gone forever. By the way, did anyone get to test out MITV Dish Network Offers while it’s still around?


Looking at what Astro can offer, we can imagine what Dish Network can offer to us. Besides from the TV programs themselves, many people don’t know that satellite receivers can offer broadband access as well. You think I’m joking? Apparently I’m not. What can Dish Network Offers is not limited to tv channel but much more than that. One of it is the internet access. A lot of people don’t know that in rural areas, they use satellite dish to get internet access but I don’t really know about in rural areas in our country. I don’t really know about internet providers that serve internet here but it’s surely popular in third world countries like Ghana, Africa, Zimbabwe and others. The only problem with it is the usual problem we have with Astro. It can’t cope with rain or very strong wind. High latency issues also make satellite internet not suitable for real time applications like video conferencing, VOIP, online game and remote surgery.


If you’re looking for Dish Network Deals, there are a lot to offer in modern countries such in United States, Japan, Korea and United Kingdom. The problem with Malaysia is the monopoly of the provider at the moment. The cost to start a satellite services provider is very high and it makes it hard to compete when there are big players around. Satellite access should provide an alternative to the cable internet providers in Malaysia but there’s no one to step up to the challenge. I wonder when we are going to grow up like Singapore which provide up to 8 MB ADSL internet access for home at cost lower than 1 MB Streamyx? If you think I’m lying, google it yourself! :evil: