Are you succesful in trading?

I don’t know how many people out there who’s reading my blog who trades or involves in marketing. This is computer related blog by principal, sometimes a little how to make money from internet and I write almost everything that is on my mind from time to time. One question that popped my mind at the moment is how do we be successful in trading?


I used to sell something on Ebay in a large quantity and it’s really a hot stuff at the moment. I consider it as the most successful e-mini trading in my Ebay experience. I don’t really mind to tell you the product I sold last time but I doubt people ever heard of anti-racism arm bands. This was quite what people are looking at the time and I’m quite lucky to get about 100 pieces of it to sell on Ebay. Some Ebay traders are reluctant to expose their online products since they are afraid of competitors and I don’t blame them because it’s their right to protect their products. If you guys don’t what the product is, refer to the picture below.


Anyway, apart from the product itself and the price of course, I wonder if there are any other factors that might affect your selling on Ebay? I read a lot from Ebay books about drop shipping but the biggest problem that I can see from drop shipping is how reliable we can trust the party ourselves. They are a lot of drop shippers around the world but how can we find recommendation on who we can trust and which are the ones we can’t trust?

Some ebay power sellers are offering e mini courses to get started selling on ebay but I wonder what will they offer other than what I’ve known so far? The courses ain’t cheap and I want results for the money I have paid for. If I lose money before I start to sell on Ebay, that wouldn’t be a really good start to trading right? So if there’s anyone who would share their experience in such short courses, please share your thoughts here. I really want to know the truth.

I have a contest coming up soon for the blog so stay tune for my update. The prize is kept secret until the post is out but I can assure you it ain’t that cheap!