Finding the right shoes and apparel

I have a habit. Maybe something that everyone has but I do. I can’t categorize this habit as good or bad, it depends on people. For me, it does not have any bad or good to others. I just love to look at people shoes. I don’t know why and I can’t remember when it started, just found out that this habit of mine when I realized that I’m looking at people’s footwear almost all the time.


I don’t really have an obsession for shoes except for a certain brand of shoes especially athletic shoes. If you want specifics, that would be basketball shoes. Largely, you can categorize it as fondness for snickers and sports shoes. I don’t really have a collection of working shoes because I don’t really need it. I have two pairs of working shoes at home which I last used them like 2 years ago for a job interview. :razz:

I don’t really have a collection of shoes that I can brag about, but I really don’t care. I just want to share with guys. I have a pair of Adidas shoes that I used for futsal, 3 pairs of Nike basketball shoes and a pair of AND1 basketball shoes. The problem with getting a nice pair of shoes is the availability of it in the local market so I decided to take some time finding them online.


I found a nice online store that offers a lot of choices on shoes. It has a lot of shoe collection from the latest designs. They are are offering a range of famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Ralph Lauren and to not so famous brand (at least from my knowledge) like Shmack, Supra, Hurley, Just In and a whole lot more. They are offering shoes for men, women, youth, kids and even toddlers.


The website is nicely developed and professional. You can either search your product or you can filter all the shoes to your likings with shoe finder function. The options that you can pick for the shoe finder function are the discounts, sizes, gender, brands, style, color and width. It will then display all the shoes that meets your criteria. The discounts are up to 75% which is very high for shoes ( you can’t expect 100% discount). They also provide online help in case you have something to ask. The payment options includes credit cards, paypal and bank transfers. They can ship the packages to international locations outside US too (nice).

Apart from discount athletic shoes, they also have a wide range of apparels that might interest you. Overall, my experience using their website has been splendid. I wonder if they are any websites that is local to my location. Sometimes, I don’t trust Ebay people because some of them are selling fake stuff from designer brands. :mad: